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6 Ways to Boost Your Computer Performance 

It is usual for every computer to experience slower speed at a certain point. With software and newer updates becoming more demanding, how your PC reacts to these changes can influence its performance. However, today’s society is fast-paced, and everybody wants things quicker. While you can purchase the latest computer promising to run faster, there are some cost-effective, simple improvements to make a massive difference in your computer speed and work performance. Here is how to boost your computer performance.

Remove unnecessary software

Computers come with several preinstalled applications. While you don’t use these applications, they eat your system resource and affect your computer performance. These applications ordinarily pop up, prompting an update even when you haven’t used them before. It is essential to remove them from your PC and free more space on the hard drive. You can locate these preinstalled applications by clicking on your start button, selecting the all apps menu and removing all the programs you haven’t used. These programs usually run on startup and slow down your PC.

Enable Automated Windows Maintenance  

A lot happens behind the scenes on your computer, even when you are not using it. For instance, the Windows 10 operating system performs security scanning and system diagnostic behind the scene to keep your computer up to speed. This feature automatically fixes some problems before you even notice them by ensuring your computer runs at peak performance. By default, automatic PC maintenance runs at 2:00 am each day when your device is plugged into a power source and in sleep mode. However, this feature could be turned off accidentally or when your device isn’t plugged for a while. It helps to either turn it on or manually run the maintenance. You may want to take a look at this useful guide https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/connect-to-server-over-ssh-on-windows/ that covers the basics of installation and connection if you are looking to use SSH from Windows. 

Install tune-up utility

There are a few third-party systems clean-up utilities that boost the performance of your computer. These third-party applications are designed to manage, optimize, configure, and troubleshoot your computer system to keep it functional and running efficiently. Your computer builds up data from everyday use, which can clog your RAM or available disk space. This can cause problems like scratch disk full error on Mac. Even modest boosts can influence your computer performance significantly when you use intensive programs like Photoshop. However, the process to fix your scratch disk full error is described here.

Simply shut down and restart the computer

This isn’t the most secret weapon for troubleshooting your computer problems and performance. However, it is arguably the most underrated solution to most computer issues. Shutting down your computer and restarting it removes the excess RAM use, which you can’t clear. Likewise, it stops processes that may be in motion, and you no longer need yet slows down your system. You will be surprised how fast your PC runs after rebooting it when it begins to run sluggish all of a sudden.

Sometimes you might notice that the files you are downloading from the internet have come to an abrupt stop. The Wi-Fi is running perfectly and everything else looks good. Yet, the downloading process is not going as expected. If you face such a situation while using sites like the ipiratebay.org, a good way to overcome the problem is to simply shut down the computer and restart it once again. This is a good old-fashioned trick to get the job done. 

Increase your PC RAM

Some operating systems use more RAM than others. However, increasing your RAM is a proven way to speed up your computer. You may need to settle what came with your device if you have a detachable or convertible laptop. Yet, other brands and businesses make it possible to increase your RAM, albeit tricky. It is much easier and cheaper to increase your RAM on your desktop tower within a few minutes. Otherwise, you may want to take your PC to a professional to add it correctly without compromising your device safety. There are likewise resources online or YouTube to guide you increase your device RAM.

Change power settings

For instance, you slow down your PC performance when using the power saver plan on windows 10. the power saver plan saves you energy but at the cost of your computer’s performance. It would be best if you considered switching from a power saver to either balanced or high performance to boost your PC performance instantly. Choose your preferred plan and exit the control panel. 

The ‘Balanced’ plan offers an optimized medium between the Power Saver and High-Performance balance to give the best battery life and performance available. High performance, on the other hand, delivers the most oomph but consumes more power. There is no point switching to a power saver when using a desktop pc. You might want to consider the balanced plan if you use a laptop plugged into a power source.

You can make these minor changes to improve your computer’s performance when you experience issues loading your applications or slow computer performance. They may not appear to do much. Yet, combine a few, and you will experience good speed and a very functional PC for years.