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Innovative Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Business 

If you operate a business, you already know that existing customers can only take you so far. The bulk of your revenue also comes from new customers you manage to attract to your business. In addition to that, it is a combination of loyalty from new and old customers that pushes your business forward. Furthermore, given that companies lose 15% of customers annually, it is worth your while to do everything it takes to keep attracting new prospects for your establishment. That said, Below are some innovative ways to achieve this feat.

1. Use direct response marketing

This type of marketing rides on the concept of eliciting responses from customers. By asking them to take a specific action, you would have prompted new prospects to reach out to your business. A 2020 US direct marketing report indicated that 59% of old, new, and potential customers believe this approach is efficient and compelling. Through the years, it has become a notable marketing strategy employed by businesses worldwide. One of the easiest platforms to conduct this type of marketing through is social media, and businesses may even choose to work with someone like this social media marketing jacksonville fl company to devise and implement a great direct marketing strategy with social media at the forefront in order to connect with potential customers. 

When using this strategy, it is essential to know the several ways to satisfy your business’ direct response marketing. Some examples are the referral programme, social media ads, upselling, text messaging, etc. Especially with text messaging, the convenience of SMS blasts makes it possible to reach hundreds of your target market with just a click of a button. In an instance where your business is running a promo, you can send bulk SMS campaigns online, using FireText and get results.

Furthermore, if this is your chosen strategy, it would be helpful to understand and recognise the nuances in direct response marketing messages. There is always an emotional appeal element that moves the customer to test what you’ve got to offer. If it’s good, they’ll stay. On the other hand, if your offer seems like an over-blown promise, you lose potential customers.

2. Position the business as the answer to new customers’ needs

In the consumer market, clients and customers have different reasons for trusting the brands they know. Therefore, when loyalty is attained, it can be a steep climb getting them to believe in your business. Why should anyone patronise your business, your product, or the service you’re offering? This is where you have to position and prove your business to answer a potential customer’s needs.

In marketing, this is equal to adding value to your establishment and specifically to the product being offered. What makes your product immensely different and beneficial to the customer to the extent that your competitors do not have? Answering this question makes it easier to position your business as a response to new customers’ needs, so keep this in mind.

Potential customers need to be convinced about why coming to you is worth their resources. As long as you can provide that, you build the foundation for a network of new loyal customers. The exciting part about it is, all things being equal, your customer base will keep increasing. As a business, it will help if you consider webinars, guest blogging, among other effective methods, to remain in the public eye.

3. Build partnerships with other companies

Apart from the several benefits a business partnership offers, the driving force is to explore the opportunities joining forces bring. However, this does not only involve choosing any company to partner with. Instead, it is about finding and partnering with a business whose operations complement your services. For example, if your establishment focuses solely on search engine optimization, it would make sense to consider an agency with expertise in website development.

SEO and website development are complementary services that make your partnership a productive one. By joining forces, the prospects of accessing new customers become higher than operating as a solo entity. So, you see, there is more to a partnership than meets the eye. As a tip, do not assume that a business partnership automatically answers a customer retention problem.

4. Invest in business diversification

Beyond your existing products and services, try to be innovative through business diversification. This means getting your business development team together to explore the prospect of launching new products and services. It would help if you were guided by the knowledge that the consumer market is always looking for something different.

Naturally, people seem interested in new things, and if you can venture into that area, you could reap desirable results. This is slightly similar to the discussion in point two, which talks about positioning the business to meet customer needs. The only difference here is that business diversification allows you to create an actual product or a range of products different from what you already have. If your marketing and advertising strategies work out, they will translate into increased revenue and new customers.

With business diversification, it would be a great idea if you kept an eye on your old products as well. Sometimes, to get customers to patronise new business products, you tend to lose sight of strengthening marketing strategies for the existing ones. 

5. Find out more about customer behaviours on digital platforms

Since April 2021, 82% of the American population has had at least two social media accounts. In November last year, it was 80%. This means a 2% addition in five months. By extension, what this implies is that more people are building social networking platforms to interact and remain abreast with the latest news. As an entrepreneur, this can be an opportunity to learn more about customer behaviours.

Social media platforms provide several tools, such as analytics, that allow you to assess and monitor consumer behavior. This allows you to read more into their online buying conduct. Armed with this information, you can now create content targeting potential groups that could become loyal customers.

Indeed, it is a lot of work to retain customers and even more demanding to attract new ones. Thankfully, the internet holds a wealth of information on ideas on how to be successful and the ones outlined here can help you get started.