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Discovering New Trends in the Gambling Industry 

In 2021, the interest in online gambling increased at least several times compared with the previous year. There are several reasons for this including COVID-19 lockdowns and the increase of the mobile segment in iGaming. Let’s check out what online slot games are trendy and what types of entertainment gain the maximum popularity around the world today. What Types of Slots Are Popular and Why?

What makes a certain slot machine popular? There are some features that attract users impeccably.

  • Big wins. We all come to the casino hoping to win. This rule also works for online gambling. If the slot promises a big jackpot, it is only logical that more and more users will try it.
  • High RTP. The higher this indicator, the more money the player gets when he wins. Today online casinos are trying to attract players through an RTP of 95% and above.
  • Interesting game design. We all love a beautiful picture that pleases the eye. And the more attractive the slot looks, the higher the interest in it. This parameter also includes the style in which the game was made. There are eternal favorites, for example, classic Westerns, the theme of Ancient Egypt, the theme of space. They always accumulate around themselves gamblers who love these topics. There are also new casino slots that use elements of modern popular culture in their design. For example, slots dedicated to the MCU or new Pixar products.
  • Innovative technologies. The comfort of the game and the excitement of the player depend to a large extent on technology. Gamblers will be more willing to play slots where bets can be made in cryptocurrency, or live dealer games because they open up new opportunities. Indeed, in the current situation, live casino games with a host and live dealer are providing to be incredibly popular all around the world, with sites like this baccarat betting website เว็บเดิมพันบาคาร่า being as close to being in and amongst the atmosphere of an in-person casino as possible. 

Now let’s discuss the main trends in gambling software development as it is this feature that impacts the whole industry. What is on the edge today?

  • The world goes mobile and compared to 2017, 33% of gamblers already prefer mobile access to online casinos. This makes developers interested in mobile gambling options development both in the form of web browser games and slots and in the form of mobile applications. It is all the more convenient to play on a mobile device because such a game presupposes the ability to download it anywhere and anytime.
  • Using virtual reality in gambling. This includes both live casino games that are incredibly popular now and also the use of VR elements in slot machines. This trend requires using a special helmet or VR glasses from a player, yet it’s not a problem to buy them today.
  • Implementing online messengers into the gaming process. For example, providing access to the casino through Telegram messenger helps to make the gaming process available for users from countries with gambling restrictions. Besides, it is safer to play with the mediator like the messenger.
  • Activation of the use of cryptocurrencies for online casino transactions. Crypto is the best option for anonymous play and it is already widely used in big licensed gaming establishments and on crypto live casino platforms. The trend is that in the future, some casinos will be more than crypto-friendly. They will fully support playing for cryptocurrencies only. 

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Be sure, our tips will help you choose the most gambling slots, get the most out of the gaming process and winnings, find the right community of like-minded people, and enjoy the most trending casino games.