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7 Intuitive Ways for Keeping Employees Happy 

The business world has always heavily relied on the latest-gen tech to push the envelope. But, even the most cutting-edge assets are useless without your employees to pump their enthusiasm, effort, and hard work and get the ball rolling.

Keeping this in mind, we would like to point out recent research saying that organizations with high employee happiness outperform low satisfaction companies by a staggering 202%. Furthermore, only 20% of Americans today feel passionate about their job.

These numbers leave too much room for improvement to be ignored. Let us take a look then at a couple of intuitive and efficient ways to keep your employees happy and turn your company into a relentless productivity beast in the process.

Offer tangible workplace benefits

This is one of the most obvious albeit surface-level ways to let your employees know you care about their wellbeing. But, there is no bad way to make a gesture of good will so be sure to lift the mood at the workplace with new, comfortable furniture, social areas, free access for pets and kids, etc. Of course, the perks you are going to offer don’t always have to be office-related so extended maternity leaves, gym memberships, and wellness programs are also good to go. Whatever makes your employees feel satisfied and improves the quality of their lives.

Create a productive atmosphere

As we already mentioned, all the perks above are a great short-term way to improve the workplace vibe but they won’t keep your employees geared up if you don’t start making significant structural changes. Your goal will be to build to delegate more responsibilities amongst ranks, create a transparent system of rewards and penalties, and lay out the career path for going through the ranks within the company. All these mechanisms will create a healthy competitive atmosphere where prospective employees will push their peers upwards instead of vice-versa.

Foster the atmosphere of innovation and progress

People like to work for companies that are pushing the envelope and allowing their employees to express their creativity and innovative ideas. This noble effort, however, is often easier said than done so in this case, it is highly recommended to hire a third-party innovation consulting agency and let the professionals do what they do the best. You will be graced with a leaner, faster, and nimbler organization that will be able to quickly adapt to market changes and even become a disruptive force in the industry. Such status has a drastic effect on satisfaction levels.

Adapt the workplace environment

The workplace environment has an intrinsic effect on the mental and physical wellbeing of the people who occupy it. It is in your best interest to leverage these facts in your favor. According to recent research exposure to natural light has a tangible influence on the overall health and performance of workers so start by expanding the window space of your premises. Similar effects can be achieved with fresh air and abundant plant life. Finally, letting the employees personalize their workstations can drastically change the way they look at work and the time spent there.

Give access to free training and seminars

As a matter of fact, you should go one step further and encourage the employees to adopt the culture of perpetual learning. The business field is changing with each passing and as we are speaking old practices are becoming obsolete. Grooming your employees to take this as a fact of life and constantly work on self-improvement can only make them happier and better-adjusted to market shifts. Offering everything they need to improve their knowledge and skills within the company, on the other hand, will bind them closer to your organization and improve their sense of loyalty.

Establish the atmosphere of transparency and communication

This is the only proper way to deal with interpersonal problems you will experience sooner than later. Essentially, people need to feel free to express their ideas and thoughts on any topic without fear of retaliation. The mistakes and discrepancies must be discussed publically and if some penalties are in force, they need to be backed up and explained on public forums. These measures should be applied on all instances from ordinary staff to high-ranking management. The problems that are pushed under the rug tend to blowback in the face. This is the simplest way to avoid that. Using an internal communication consulting company could be the way to go!

Put more effort into teambuilding

Last but not least we have to quickly mention the team building events that, at this point, may sound very worn-out, but the reason why so many advisors insist on these types of events is that they work. Teambuilding activities bring distant people closer together, create a sense of camaraderie and allow people to learn together in challenging situations that don’t have a direct impact on their work performance. Naturally, some employees might be very disinterested and even cold to these exercises so start slow and save multi-day events like camping for later.

We hope these few suggestions gave you some general idea about the ways you can improve the happiness and overall wellbeing of your workers in a fast, efficient and intuitive manner. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg and you will need to be aware that, in this case, one size won’t fit all. But, the most important thing is to get things started. You will see where the path will lead you later on.