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3 Best Money-Making Hacks to Gain Financial Freedom With Technology

Whether you are a student, a mother on maternity leave, or a full-time worker, you probably would not say no to easy money-making ideas. If you have access to the internet, you can make a lot of extra cash without leaving your house and sacrificing your comfort. You do not even need to have some unique knowledge or skills to enjoy easy money-making. Why go to the office and sit there all day only to be able to live paycheck to paycheck if you can even enjoy big $$$ coming to your bank account just from playing crazy fruits and enjoying? Now let’s dive into the 3 helpful money-making hacks and tricks you should follow to get one step closer to financial independence.

Freelancing for Fun Money-Making

Do you speak foreign languages? Are you studying programming? Do you enjoy writing articles? Freelancing is an awesome money-making opportunity, thanks to its availability and popularity. Instead of hiring people on a permanent basis and paying for their insurance, a lot of companies and individuals would rather hire freelancers who can do the task fast. The beauty of this money-making business is that you can manage how much you work and what tasks you do. You can do something you are good at for a lucrative reward while choosing the tasks that are interesting for you rather than dealing with dozens of tedious things in the office that do not even bring much money-making.

Info Product for Passive Money-Making

Why not create an info product to help other people in the niche and enjoy the money-making process even as you sleep? To create an info product, define your niche and target audience. Think about what you are good at and how you can help other people while taking advantage of consistent money-making – maybe you speak a foreign language and can create a structured video course, or you are good at cooking and can produce an in-depth guide with hundreds of fast and yummy recipes. Once you have found your niche, you will need to take your time structuring and recording the course. While creating an info product is definitely not the easiest money-making route, if your product is of high quality, you can create a reliable passive income stream for years to come.

Blogging for Long-Term Money-Making

If you are looking for a long-term making money and investing and enjoy taking pictures and writing, you should start a blog. The best platform to grow an audience fast and start money-making is Instagram, as it organically promotes profiles with high-quality pictures and engaging and captivating texts. While there are already enough influencers on Instagram, you can quickly boost your profile no matter the niche if you publish consistently at a proper time, find interesting topics to discuss, and use all the new tools that the platform offers (for example, now you just can’t do without reels and Insta stories). Money-making with Instagram is fun, but not easy – do not expect to wake up to a million subscribers after posting a set of pictures from one photoshoot. It takes a lot of hard creative work to grow your audience, but once you have become a household name, money-making will not be a problem anymore.


If you are tired of living in the office 24/7 and want to break this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, no need to worry! Luckily, you can start a successful money-making process just using your phone or laptop – if you dedicate just 2-4 hours a day, you should not have any money-making issues. If you have little free time but want to make good money by doing something you are good at, try freelancing – there are tons of employers at UpWork waiting to pay you. If you want to create a passive money-making stream, why not create an online info product to help people? And if you enjoy taking pictures and writing captive texts, go and create an Instagram profile, and it will not be long before you start selling ads! Now that you know all the main money-making and saving tips, it is time to put them into practice.

About the author: William Benetton is a famous writer, professional photographer and web-designer. Last few months he has been creating interesting, informative blogs and websites such as crazy fruits. If you want to contact William, please check his Facebook. He can’t imagine his life without sport, travel and morning coffee.