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Digital Signage – A Powerful Tool For CPG Brands 

CPG (Consumer packaged goods) are omnipresent. Also referred to as FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods), these products cater to the daily necessities of the consumer. Keeping the intent of the goods into consideration, it is safe to say that the customers would never stop purchasing over-the-counter goods.

However, just like any other sector of the economy tries to improve and upscale its marketing game by adopting various means and ways, the CPG industry is also on a hunt to explore ways to widen its reach. 

Over the years, brands and marketers have adopted various strategies and tactics to upscale their marketing efforts. Along with the series of technological advancements, they have begun to adopt technology into their business. 

Ever since its inception, Digital signage has exploded in popularity due to its unmissable presence and its ability to increase brand awareness as a part of offline marketing. 

Like the name suggests, digital signage is the digitized version of static signage that significantly helps brands reap amazing benefits. 

If you are alien to growing your business using this powerful tool, then this post is for you. 

Please make your way to the end of this post as we are going to mention a few ways in which Digital signage can help CPG brands to establish their business and maximize their profits. 

Let’s get started! 

Reasons Why CPG Brands Must Leverage Digital Signage 

Display The Use Case & Tutorials Of The Products 

The primary goal for all brands is to advertise their products properly. A brand, especially a CPG brand product, is known for its quality. However, when a customer is not well acquainted with the product well, there is a chance that they may think of giving it a miss. 

Moreover, when a customer is already hooked to a particular brand, they will be less likely to make a switch and try a new product. Using digital signage to display how the product can be used in many ways is a great way to target potential customers. 

Additionally, you can display a tutorial of the product and its after-effects to prove its effectiveness and what makes it a must-buy product.  

Use Digital Signage For Upselling

One of the best ways to use digital signage is for cross-promotions. Apart from this, digital signage can be used for tapping into impulsive buying too, and it can be done by displaying unmissable promotions or offers on digital signage. 

You can display catchy captions and products like ‘Get 1 Free product, Don’t miss out on this deal, A deal for the festive season, etc., to create a sense of urgency in the customers and push them to make a purchase. 

Include Social Wall In Digital Signage 

Digital signage needs to have a mix of dynamic content that is engaging enough to keep customers hooked. And we can think of no better source to aggregate content other than social media. 

Social media is a giant pool of content that social media users love scrolling through the feed. Further aggregating and displaying it in a customized format of social media walls and displaying it across touchpoints like social media signage is a great move to keep the customers engaged.

Social media users highly leverage the platform to voice their experiences and opinions with brands and their products, giving rise to User-Generated Content. Showcasing User-Generated Content displays social proof of your brand and helps gain the trust and confidence of your potential customers, leading to more sales. 

To prove the credibility of the last sentence, here is a fun fact – More than 85% of customers go through User-Generated Content before finalizing a brand and making a purchase!

All you need to do is find an appropriate social media aggregation tool, and you will be set to display dynamic content. 

Showcase FAQ’S

Often, customers have a few doubts about products that they are unsure about. Moreover, they also are not aware of who to ask. Make it convenient for your customers by displaying the Frequently asked questions of your customers on digital signage. 

Digital signage is an ideal tool for spreading awareness and information to a wide audience at once. The FAQs can be around the products, payment-related plans (if applicable), or any other generic query. 

Closing Note 

We have reached the end of this post, and you are now aware of how incorporating a tool like digital signage can be used to completely transform the business of CPF brands. 

According to surveys, digital signage can grab up to 72% more attention than online ads, and the digital signage industry will likely reach more than $32 billion by 2026! 

There is a chance that all your competitors are using the power of digital signage for their business, and we don’t see any reason as to why you should not. Do you?