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5 Tips For How To Host The Perfect Dinner Party Outdoors 

There’s something special about dining outdoors, there’s no denying that, and alfresco dinner parties are no exception. Even a simple alfresco dinner party without all of the bells and whistles will create a special memory that your guests won’t quickly forget, but if you want to create a magical dinner party, there are a few simple tips that you can follow. These are tips that will elevate your alfresco dinner party to one that nobody will ever forget — for all of the right reasons!

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Tip 1: Pick A Theme

Some of the best alfresco dinner parties have a theme because they create a memorable event and even makes planning a little easier. Your theme might incorporate your and your guest’s interests or can take inspiration from a film or a book. You might consider themes like a fairground, a secret garden, sportsor a woodland adventure. Whatever your interests or inspiration there’s a theme for your alfresco dinner party, all you need to do is get creative and if you’re stuck for ideas, you can always lean on your location for inspiration.  

If you and your friends are fitness fanatics and like working out on indoor or outdoor gym equipment consider a fitness-themed alfresco dinner party. And if your guests are more into sports like tennis or padel, add elements of that sport to the theme. You might consider using racquets painted or adorned with flowers to add to the decor, a dinner party quiz focused on the game, or padel inspired food. The options are limitless.

Tip 2: Select A Venue

While most alfresco dinner parties will occur in your garden, it’s also possible to use public locations as a backdrop for your dinner party too. Some local woodland might provide the perfect scene for your woodland adventures themed dinner party. Maybe you have animals in your garden, like chickens, which can create a more engaging and fun setting for the little ones. Or perhaps you’ll host an alfresco dinner party by the sea or on a lake.

Just make sure your guests can safely access the location and that you can easily bring food, decor and supplies to the location too. Once you have an appropriate location it should be easy to follow the next steps, planning the menu and adding decoration. 

Tip 3: Plan A Menu

The best alfresco dinner party menus are delicious but simple. Ideally, your alfresco recipes should be the kind that you can prepare ahead of time, preferably the day before. Then all you’ll need to do on the day is set up your location, get yourself ready and dress your food, whether you make it all yourself or get help from someone like The Artisan Bread Company with some of the crucial elements of the menu. This type of planning for your alfresco dinner party will reduce any stress you may have as the host, and allow you to enjoy the event as much as your guests will. 

Tip 4: Add Decorations

Decorative elements create an ambience and can help to support your theme. Even simple table lighting will go a long way to creating a special atmosphere for your alfresco dinner party. If that’s the case, maybe you are looking for premium tablecloths? After all, they could be the perfect finishing touch to your alfresco dining experience.

Twinkling lights, task lighting (to light the way for guests) and candles are all perfect for creating the perfect alfresco dinner party vibe. If you’re concerned about the candles blowing out, switch to faux candles, they’ll still add the right kind of ambience. And if you want some natural fire, a fire pit is always appreciated by guests.

Tip 5: Protect Your Guests From The Elements

Finally, you’ll need to consider how you’ll protect your guests against the elements. The last thing you want is for the heavens to open all over your delicious food and hard work. You’ll need to consider a shelter or canopy, and your guest’s warmth.  

Providing blankets and throws is one way to help counter thecold, as would outdoor heaters and fire pits. And for shelter, installing a shade sail or building your own dining shelter are all excellent permanent options. And if you’re looking for portable options, look towards tent and caravanning supplies; a gazebo, mini marquee or even tent awning are all useful options. Adding a tent (with awning) filled with cushions to the mix will provide an interesting zone for your guests to lounge around in too.

Alfresco dinner parties can be fairly simple to organise, especially if you’ve already got a permanent alfresco dining area set up in your garden. However, finding portable solutions are easier than most realise. All it takes to make your alfresco dinner party a success is some careful planning combined with a focus on keeping things as simple and refined as possible.