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What to look for with a new laptop 

When you make the decision to buy a new laptop, you are faced with an exciting choice of superb modern devices to pick from. However the sheer scale of choice can make it a little daunting to know which one to choose. After all, there are so many price ranges, specifications and features to consider, making the right choice is not always a given.

This article helps you shine some light on the top tips for finding a new laptop within your budget – that does the things you need it to!

The main things to consider

Starting your search is the easy part. Before you start looking, consider what the main things you need from your laptop are. Once you have established this, you can look at the finer details of compute power, memory and so on. But the first place to start is by making it about you!

Ask yourself what you use your laptop for. Do you need an all-rounder to play games, work, do your household administration, and watch some movies? Are you a student that relies on computers for a majority of research and work, so you need to know which is best for computer science students? Is portability your priority to travel on public transport or working in the field? Perhaps screen size is your defining feature. Either way, jot down the top few things you expect of your laptop and use this as a starting point in your search.

At this stage it is also worth thinking about whether you have a specific brand in mind, or if you are brand agnostic. In short, the more specific you can be about what you are looking for your laptop to do and what you expect of it, the more you can refine your search.

Next, put a budget in place. The breadth of the modern laptop market means there is something available for almost any budget, so there really is no need to give yourself undue financial pressure. The cheapest laptop models for sale are available from just a few hundred dollars, so there is no reason whatsoever to overspend.

Narrowing the criteria

Once you have decided on your main priorities and budget for your new laptop, the next step in your search is to look at the hardware.

Laptops come in lots of sizes and configurations. From large screen gaming notebooks to smaller, more flexible laptops, the sky is the limit in terms of choosing what size best fits your needs. 

If your laptop will mostly stay in one place, it may make sense to go for a larger more robust (i.e. heavy!) option! This will give you more compute power, a larger screen, and a bigger keyboard to work with. 

Alternatively if you will be travelling a lot with your device, something like a 2-in-1 may be a better fit. This way you can switch between a laptop with a keyboard and a touchscreen tablet, which can make a perfect combination for working in the confines of an airplane, train or crowded public space. These kinds of device are also specifically designed to be as light as possible to aid portability and convenience.

Your laptop screen is your lens into your digital world. Consider whether you are happy watching movies on a smaller screen, or whether you need a larger screen to be able to work effectively with spreadsheets or graphic design tools. 

To assess this, look at the screen resolution. The top resolution is 4k, which may be overkill for many users. You should also bear in mind that the higher the screen resolution, the greater impact it will have on the battery life of your PC. 

Another thing to think about is touchscreen. This can be divisive issue, with some users feeling it is essential, whereas others never use it. Consider how much this matters to you, and factor it into your decision accordingly. 

Making your selection

When you have considered all these aspects of your new laptop, you are almost there. Compile a shortlist online by looking at some user reviews. The best advice is then to go into a store and look at those laptops up close. Test them out to see what you make of the keyboard, screen, weight, and any other priority features for you. 

You are all set! If you time your purchase right you may also benefit from a price deal, or some software bundles thrown in for good measure!