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8 Essentials Every DIYer Should Have 

When beginning any DIY project, half the job is having the right equipment in the first place. If you’re thinking of getting into DIY or have just brought a new house that need some work, we have created a list of items that can be super helpful as a basis for most basic DIY jobs. Keep reading to discover what we recommend.

A First-Aid Kit

First and foremost, your safety is paramount. Even what you think may be easy, basic DIY jobs can result in injuries so before you start any jobs around the house it is worth getting a fully kitted out first aid pack, should you get any minor injuries. It is also important to make sure you have a mobile phone accessible whilst working as (especially if you’re working alone) in case you become seriously injured and need medical attention.

Workwear Clothing

We all know DIY jobs are usually messy, so it’s worth getting some work overalls to avoid ruining your own clothes- and to help protect you whilst working. SnickersDirect have a range of clothing perfect for completing all the jobs you have lined up. Snickers work trousers are tailored to suit the type of job you’re carrying out, with plenty of pockets to keep useful bits and bobs with you, and they can even have built in knee pads. If you are going to be using heavy materials or equipment- you could consider wearing safety boots that have a protective toe cap to prevent injury from dropped items.

Safety Glasses And Gloves

Safety glasses are an essential if you’re going to be doing anything such as cutting wood or knocking down walls.Although you may not think them necessary, if any dust or pieces of material were to get into your eyes, they can cause serious damage and be incredibly painful. Having some work gloves can also protect you from cuts, grazes, and burns.

Knee Pads

If the work you’re carrying out is low down and you’re having to kneel constantly, you will eventually feel how uncomfortable it is for your knees. So, it’s worth investing in some good quality, thick knee pads to make the work more comfortable for you and prevent long-term wear and tear on your health of the joints in your legs.


A standard 16-ounce claw hammer is usually capable of completing most tasks. But you may need a more specialist hammer for certain jobs like knocking down walls, in which case you would use a drywall hammer or sledgehammer.

A Power Saw

Using a power saw can halve the time it takes to carry out woodwork-based jobs- rather than having to hand saw everything. You can buy one if you think you will get enough use out of it. Or there is the option hire one temporarily- a great way to save money.

Electric Drill

Investing in a good, cordless electric drill can make easy work of a large range of tasks. Look for one with a long battery life- you don’t wan to be left having to crew everything in using a screwdriver and doubling the length of a DIY job.

Tape Measure

In order to make sure you can most DIY jobs done effectively on the first attempt; you need to get your measurements accurate. Keep a 25 foot, locking tape measure on you at all times in case you need to make any measurements.