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Jaques London: The Resurgence of Wooden Christmas Gift Sets 

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re all looking forward to the best season of the year. Now that life has really started again, we’ve seen ourselves think hard about this year’s birthdays, Halloween, Black Friday, and now Christmas. Piling up gifts for friends and loved ones is the set end-of-year sport, and we’ve found the perfect Christmas end goal this year: Jaques London.

The family-run game’s makers business has been in activity since 1795, with a concept based on “the power of play and quality time spent together.” And indeed, quality time it is since wooden board game sets are making a strong comeback in our Christmas sockings this year. 

Jaques of London Wooden Draughts Set 

One good example would be the Wooden Draughts Set (RRP £27.99, currently on sale at £17.99). The playing board is designed and manufactured in such a way that it will provide family fun for years. Solid, premium-quality with the finest craftsmanship of the wooden playing pieces and the playing board alike.

In their Draughts Set, Jaques of London definitely has infused centuries of skill. If you’re looking for a great way to build concentration and refine your own strategy skills. The Draughts set board game is delivered in the Jaques trademark presentation gift box with Historical tissue paper packaging – already perfectly put together to hand to your loved ones.

It’s always pretty fun to dive back into childhood with games such as marbles or playing boards. Chess and draughts are two famous games that have been uniting couples, friends, and families for exciting moments for decades. Still, one playing board must not be set aside: Backgammon. 

Jaques of London Backgammon Sets

The Jaques of London Backgammon sets range from £13.99 to £52.99 and are available in an array of different woods. The upside is that the brand offers sales on their best-selling board games quite often – you can find some games at a fraction of the price and start stocking up even today! Whether you’re a mahogany or oak lover, whether you’re feeling like carrying around a beautiful leather backgammon set or getting a luxurious oak board for home, there’s quite anything for you in the Jaques range.

If you’re not familiar with the backgammon game, it is a classic of board gaming. Much like the draughts, backgammon is a two-player game. The players “move around their checkers in a clockwise motion, until all fifteen have been removed from the board.” If you do so first, you win the game – a straightforward competition game that provides hours of fun on end. Come rain or shine, spending an afternoon playing backgammon is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. I’d personally suggest making some tea and getting some snacks, with some music in the background. 

Quite truthfully, if you’re looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, take a look at the wide array of Jaques of London wooden board games. Most of us have been on the quest for a way to turn away from TV and computer screens. Indeed, the events of the last two years have pushed loved ones ever closer. What’s the best way than with a board game? 

Our grandparents used to care for their games and pass them down to their children – our parents. The Jaques board games seem to be the very resurgence in 2021 of family bonds. Board games have been a key ingredient of the Jaques of London recipe for 225 years. From Queen Victoria to celebrities and families all around the world, they’ve been the brand name for excitement, focus, and strategy winning. Now’s the time to come back to realness, to moments that matter, to memories that linger.