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Raising Money for Charity: Five Tips and Ideas for Success 

Charity is a noble and kind way to support a cause that deserves more attention. Plus raising money for charity is one of the best activities that can actually have a positive impact on someone. There are so many causes to pick from, so it’s best to start at the place closest to you: your own community. Local hospitals, schools, libraries are often in need of help, so organizing various events to raise money is always a good idea. So, if you’re thinking about doing something, as a member of a company, educational institution, or simply as an individual, then here are some tips for success.

1. Contact the nonprofit charity of your choice

You can’t succeed if you don’t have like-minded people who’ll support your cause and spread the word. If you’re raising for a certain non-profit fund, then be sure to reach out to them before you start. Sure, it’s possible to do so without contacting anyone, but talking to the relevant people will make sure you’re raising money for the correct charity. This is important because certain charities tend to be very strict about the sources of their charity funding. Also, if you’re contacting the nonprofit, be sure to ask them about the upcoming promotions and events that you could support.

When contacting a charity, be sure that their values and practices are aligned with what you’re trying to achieve. If they are, and you’re ready to start raising money, you may want to consider looking at this Event Planning for Non-Profits guide to see how you can pull off a successful event.

2. Gather your friends and supporters

Gather your friends and supporters
Your friends and supporters are your biggest asset in this case. When you’re surrounded by people who are ready to help you, then you’re already successful in a way. Simply, the more people know about your efforts, the more likely they’ll be to lend you a hand. Volunteers are sometimes hard to find, which is why you should do your best to gather like-minded and efficient people who’ll help you reach your charity goals. Perhaps try to gain supporters by using 501c4 SMS fundraising to contact people directly, this way, you’ll soon have a large team! Also, when assembling a team, be sure that every single person is good at something. That can be baking, driving, negotiating, or having certain connections to people who matter.

As a team leader, your job is to be supportive and empowering, so everyone will feel motivated to do their share of work. Micro-managing might seem like an easy way to do things, but keep in mind that in reality, it can do more harm than good.

3. Decide on activities and events

Charity events are the best way to raise money, as they combine entertainment, socializing and good causes. If you have enough resources, then feel free to organize a charity gala event. But, that isn’t the only way, especially when it comes to companies and businesses in general. If you’re a business owner who’s looking to raise money for an important cause, then white collar boxing charity events are a perfect way to make that happen. These types of efforts are also a great way to connect people from different backgrounds while also doing something good for a cause that you deeply care about. Aside from this, school bake sales, yard sales, music concerts, fairs, and festivals are all frequented by many people, which is why they’re perfect grounds for raising money for charity.

4. Consider an online charity event

With the rise of the internet and social media, charity as a concept has become more present. Many public figures and celebrities use their platforms to promote their charity efforts, which makes donating easier and more efficient. There are so many virtual fundraising ideas, and digital tools and social networks are of a big help here. Many websites earn a commission when people browse and shop, and they use those earnings to donate to various charities. Therefore, if you own a blog or a website, consider this method as a way to raise money. People love to do such things, as it gives them a purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand, social media challenges, such as the ice bucket challenge, are also an amazing idea, especially if they have a chance of becoming viral.

5. A fundraising auction is always welcome

People who live in affluent areas and move in similar circles know that fundraising auctions are always welcome when it comes to fundraising money for charity. Nonprofit organizations are especially fond of this, as they tend to work every time. Even though such types of events typically require big-money support, it’s still possible to adjust them to smaller groups without huge budgets. Asking local businesses to donate auction items is a step in the right direction since they’ll benefit from the exposure while doing something positive for the community.


Raising money for charity is a task that requires meticulous planning, which is why it’s best to start by contacting the nonprofit charity of your choice. That will provide you with valuable information that will help you get started. These tips are all valid ways to gather people and raise funds for a cause that needs attention.