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What can I do after I leave the military? 

Working in the military and re-entering the civilian world can be a difficult and life changing event for many fathers. A drastic change occurs from previous being used to 6 month tours in war zones to retuning to the reasonably safe and secure British lifestyle, where we worry more about paying bills than our life being in danger.

This leaves many men with a difficult question. What do I do now? Going from a role of power and superiority which can involve putting your life on the line, to being dictated to by somebody half your age can be a complex reality check, however the route to follow in transition can be made easier by looking at opportunities for work where your transferrable skills can lie. This include areas such as:

  • Coping with pressure
  • Attention span
  • Security awareness
  • Planning and preparation
  • Logistics
  • Management

A common route for many is close protection training to become a ‘bodyguard’ and look after a client (referred to the ‘Principal’). Whilst the common perception of this involves going back to hostile environments, the World has also changed and the requirement now is for businesses, businesspeople and families to be protected in the corporate World. The risks to them may be kidnap but as equal include ensuring they are not pestered, their brand is retained if they are in a bad light in the media (drunken behaviour for example) or driving them to and from meetings.

This suits the lifestyle of people who are used to adhoc tasks, irregular hours or those that just can’t do the monotony of a 9 to 5 job. Once undertaking the training, you will need to obtain an SIA close protection licence and then can provide this service. Companies like Phoenix Close Protection provide a high-end quality service, although there are cheaper options on the market, it helps to have quality training to ensure when you go on a real job, you a fully prepared.

Some roles in close protection include:

  • Residential security – looking after property
  • Security chauffeur – more than just driving but planning safe routes also
  • SAP team member – going ahead to venues to ensure they are safe before the Principal arrives
  • PES (Personal Escort Section) team member
  • The on foot layer of protection, often for high-profile people
  • PPO – This is the personal protection officer, or the typical ‘bodyguard’ role
  • Team Leader – Often more experienced and manages the team’s movements and responsibilities

Phoenix also specifically provide bespoke client management which overlaps onto the lifestyle of the Principal. Such areas include Yacht Chartering, Supercar Hire and organising Luxury Residence. It can even include consultancy on other areas including provision of safe houses for properties.

If having left the military and are still not ticking this box of satisfaction, who not look into this career more. Whilst this is an investment, this career can provide a fresh life for many men who are missing the camaraderie of the military and seeking to fill the void left of re-entering civilian life. Look at people such as David Goggins for inspiration.