Often, parents are left confused and surprised when their two-year-olds choose to gleefully play with stones and sticks over the expensive toys they’ve invested in. However, this is not something to be alarmed over but an inevitable part of growing up that all active two-year-olds go through.

If you want your child to have a lot of fun and boost their interpersonal skills, soft or plush toys like Mickey mouse toys for 2 year old boy or girl can help. Also, building blocks, puzzles and other educational/interactive ones encourage the child to learn and apply their skills.  

So, rather than worrying about what to get your easily-distracted toddler, browse through the below toy ideas for reference.

A pushcart or wagon

A robust wagon or pushcart is what will take your toddlers from their infancy to preschool years. They promote physical development and imaginative thinking among young children, enabling them to develop fascinating games. Moreover, these are the kind of toys that two or more children can play with at once, encouraging them to get along with each other and form deep bonds.

New walkers use extra support from the handles, while slightly older tots typically take their soft toys or friends for a ride.

Building blocks

Brick sets, legos, and building blocks are incredibly fun and popular among kids of all ages and not just toddlers. These toys require two-year-olds and older children to use their creativity and make exciting things with the components, boosting their cognitive skills. Some versions of these toys allow children to stack blocks to resemble a castle, spaceships, a maze, or even entirely new worlds.

If your babies are too young to build things, choose colorful blocks that can be easily arranged into exciting designs or shapes. Once your kids are older, you can get them more complex sets with rows, arches, and columns. Lego ninjago is also a good option for when your kids are older!

Famous character toys

Consider buying a plush toy of your toddler’s favorite cartoon character to help them sleep better. For instance, you can get huggable Mickey Mouse toys for a 2 year old boy or dolls for girls so that they can carry them around. A primary reason for this is that your child will use the toy to develop social skills by taking it along for walks, feeding the toy, and doing other social activities with it. Many children will still hang onto their soft plush toys when they’re older and hold them while they sleep.

Alternatively, you can consider buying Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or other famous character-themed toy trains, puzzles, storybooks, automobiles, ride-on, board books, and more. Collecting character figurines is an exciting idea as well.

Coloring books and craft kits

Getting your toddlers to draw and color with crayons or paint is an excellent way to bring their creativity out. These activities help them polish their abstract thinking and imagination, making them open to new ideas. Scribbling on paper is also a great way to help them practice writing alongside learning to speak effectively.

These activities create a rich and responsive language environment and are an integral part of optimum brain development in children.

Craft kits and finger painting are other fascinating ways to help your children enjoy the highest possible sensory experience. They are incredible art forms whereby kids too young to speak can express themselves through images and artistic creations. To make the experience even better, you can consider adding textured material such as clean sand or rice grains to the paint and craft box. This useful site has plenty of great options!