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Mio Plant-Based Skincare: The Skin’s Natural Savior 

Now that winter is here – and ready to linger for a few more months, skincare appears to be crucial. Indeed, that beautiful face of yours has got to be protected, so it stays younger for longer. Not that you don’t need skincare at every season; do hydrate and nourish your skin as much as possible.

It has been proven that drinking water helps keep the skin hydrated. However, one little known fact is that some skins will remain dehydrated no matter how many litres a day you drink. And that’s where Mio Skincare, a plant-based skincare brand, comes in. Made to fix everyday issues like the appearance of cellulite and tone up the skin, Mio seems to be the picture-perfect skincare brand, with spa-like ingredients at an affordable price.

Who Are Mio?

Mio is a vegan skincare brand. With their formulas, Mio’s mission is to empower you by smoothing out your skin thanks to “powerful plant-based products for every skin.” More and more skincare brands focus on crafting formulas that not only support, but boost your skin’s wellbeing. In the products are blended 100% natural essential oils and fragrances with various effects; calming, cooling, invigorating. Furthermore, the fully vegan cruelty-free formulas are meant to protect every skin type all year round. 

Mio Skincare doesn’t only focus on a fully clean formula. What’s an everyday skincare routine without a touch of ethics and environmental consciousness? The packaging is recyclable from A to Z, with sugarcane-derived plastic, while the cardboard is FSC certified. 

Mio Skincare Review

Mio Skincare is split into four ranges that you can use whether you live under the sun or in a cold place. To suit everybody and every lifestyle, you can find products to tone up the skin, help you in your slimming process, and leave your skin smooth and glowy. In this article, I want to tell you about four bestsellers in the Mio Skincare range, designed to calm your skin and simply make you feel good.

Smooth Move Cellulite Firming Cream with Niacinamide

The Smooth Move cellulite firming cream (£35 for 125 ml) is one of Mio Skincare’s bestsellers, and it’s no wonder why. We’ve known for a long time that caffeine helps in reducing cellulite and toning up the skin. Its older brother, The Shrink To Fit cellulite smoother, garnered many positive reviews from Mio’s customer base.

The improved version, the Smooth Move moisturizing body cream, features all the positive aspects of the Mio skincare, with 100% plant-based ingredients combined into a solid firming formula. Extracts of Indian Fig, caffeine, spirulina, and Monk’s Pepper Berry mix with niacinamide and proteins to protect your skin and help it renew. Suitable for vegans and made in the UK, the Smooth Move toning cream fights cellulite effectively with an innovative formula. Plus, the natural fragrance of greenery, white florals, and citrus will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get on with life.

Go With The Flow Calming Body Oil

The Go With The Flow calming body oil (£26 for 130 ml) is meant to be the miracle oil for the ultimate daily de-stress. We all know how good body oil feels after a shower on a cold winter day and how confident we feel when getting a tan with sparkly oil in the summer. The Calming Body Oil blends almond oil, cannabis oil, and fresh scents of peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender.

If you’ve been craving a moment for yourself with nothing but a bath and candles, that’s the BFF you need. The oil is part of the Liquid Yoga range, which comprises other bestselling Mio Skincare products – if you want to create a zen and smooth routine, that’s where you need to look. Refreshing and big on aromatherapy goodness, the dry body oil leaves you feeling invigorated and comfortable in your skin.

Get Waisted Stomach Firming Serum with Niacinamide

The Get Waisted Stomach firming serum (£32 for 125 ml) is a product that works. Using a stomach firming product that bears fruits almost seems like a myth. Who else remembers how much we’ve been brainwashed by TV commercials selling thinning and toning body lotions? I sure do.

And yet. Get Waisted targets the belly fat in a cruelty-free combination of the Feel-Good complex patented by Mio Skincare, algae, spirulina, and niacinamide. A “tummy tightening caffeine serum” that hydrates, smoothes, and firms up the skin all into one; what more could you ask for? 

Our recommendation? Massage into the stomach skin – and keep a little bit for the thighs.

Sun-Drenched Easy Glow Body Wash

To cleanse – that’s the goal of a body wash. However, those we find in supermarkets are specifically formulated to strip you of your protective sebum. Over time, this damages the skin as it needs to produce more sebum, changing the texture of your skin and leaving it more fragile. That’s where Mio Skincare’s Sun-Drenched Easy Glow body wash (£19 for 200 ml) comes in.

The illuminating body shower gel has already conquered the hearts of many, with a brightening and revitalized glow. Citrus and orange blossom perfume the Mio body wash gently, making it an energizing product perfect for post-workout showers.

Mio Skincare Final Thoughts

From cellulite fighting creams to stomach firming products, Mio Skincare’s protecting formulas are perfect for each person who would like to spend money on skincare that works. We’re all used by now to products that promise you the stars and end up sucking the budget out of your wallet without bearing any visible results. Mio is perfect if you want results while making an actual eco-conscious choice.