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Is a Hair Transplant Right for You? 

Balding or thinning hair isn’t an uncommon problem, and it is often due to genetics, health conditions, or it can be caused by lifestyle factors. Some people might not be phased about losing their hair, whereas others can feel more self-conscious. It’s never pleasant to feel as though you’re lacking in confidence, and in some severe cases, it can even stop you from going out and living your life to the full. There are treatments available for hair loss, including getting a hair transplant. However, just like any other surgery, it’s important to think it through carefully before going ahead. Below are some questions you need to ask yourself to help you decide if a hair transplant is right for you.

Can You Afford It?

Hair transplants are classed as cosmetic surgery, and therefore you will not get one via the NHS. You will need to pay for this surgery out of your own pocket, so it’s important to think about whether or not you can cover the expense. Of course, you can save up for a hair transplant if you want to commit to one, but they start at around £1000 and can go up to £30,000in some cases. However, while a hair transplant isn’t cheap, you might find that this treatment is more cost-effective as a long-term solution to thinning hair or baldness, rather than spending money on specialist shampoos and other treatments over the course of several years.

What Treatment to Choose?

There are two different kinds of hair transplants you can choose from: follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. The former extracts hair follicles directly from the scalp and transplants them to the area where your hair is thinning or there is a bald patch. This procedure will take longer but generally has a quicker recovery time. Follicular unit transplantation treatments use a donor strip of skin from another part of your scalp or body, which is then transferred to the area you want to treat. It can take longer to heal from this procedure as not only do you need to wait for the transplant to take hold, but also to heal the area that the donor strip has been taken from. Read more here for greater detail on the various treatments you can choose from.

How to Choose a Clinic

Another point to keep in mind is how to find a quality clinic to have your transplant. You can start by searching online for ‘hair transplant cost bristol’ to help you find local clinics that provide this service in the area. From there you will want to look into reviews, testimonials, and before and after photos, so you can gain a good understanding of the treatment and recovery process. However, if you aren’t happy with the clinics local to you and you’re happy to travel, there are various clinics all over the UK to choose from. The clinic at hshairclinic.co.uk is a particularly great example of what you should be looking for in a hair transplant specialist.

How Much Does Your Hair Loss Bother You?

Finally, consider how much your hair loss is impacting your confidence and lifestyle. While hair transplants are perfectly safe, it’s still a lot to go through and can be expensive. If you are relatively comfortable with your thinning hair or are happy to try different hairstyles or alternative treatments to tackle this issue, perhaps leave a hair transplant as a last resort. 

Hair transplants are great treatments and are considered to be permanent, which is what makes them a popular choice with those who are struggling with hair loss. However, before you move ahead with the treatment yourself, make sure you’re asking yourself the questions above.