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Two Essential Steps to Becoming a Fit Dad 

Having kids turns your life upside down and completely changes your priorities. Finding the time to take care of your wellbeing and physical health is a challenge. Of course, you want to be a good parent so you spend all of your time making sure that your little ones have everything they need growing up.

Being fit is not just about achieving a nice physique. It’s about taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others. You need to manage your time better and make the most of your day. For instance, stop scrolling through your social media feed and instead spend some time browsing sports training apps or exploring useful online resources that will help you get your health back on track.

There are two key things you should pay attention to in order to become fit: nutrition and exercise. 

Be Mindful of Nutrition

It can be demotivating to glance over your daily schedule and realize there you have little time for yourself. This is exactly why having a good plan is important. Installing a sports training app can help you find a suitable nutrition plan and find physical activities that you’ll enjoy. You can join groups where members support and encourage each other.

The nutrition plan should be realistic and match both your fitness goals and the level of physical activity described in your workout plan. Remember that a healthy diet doesn’t have to taste bad or consume too much of your time.

Every morning, you should make yourself a breakfast that fits into your calorie limit and provides a sufficient amount of macros (protein, carb, and fat intake). Your lunch and dinner will likely take more time to prepare than breakfast. If cooking during the workdays is difficult for you, you can prepare all meals in bulk during the weekend. You can cook chicken breast in a pan or include other types of meat (e.g. pork or beef), and create meals that you will organize in bags and then freeze. You can follow the same principle for healthy vegetables rich in antioxidants, fibre, and other important nutrients (e.g. broccoli, peas, beans). For those who are meat and dairy-free and looking for an additional source of protein, vegan protein is now available as a supplement and is formulated to provide everything you need to build thick and dense muscles. With plant-based proteins generally being lower in calories and fats, there is the added bonus that it is also great for weight management too. 

This way you can get your meals ready for an entire month and it takes only one afternoon to prepare all of them. When you get hungry, you just leave your prepped meal to defrost on a kitchen counter, heat it up, and enjoy. You can even mix different cooked meals together to make a new meal, or just cut the meat into cubes and add it to a salad of your preference. Fancy a chicken salad? Just mix the ingredients in under a minute. Yummy!

Stay Consistent With Physical Activity 

Nowadays, when someone mentions a healthy lifestyle, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is going to the gym. However, gym is just one of many different physical activities you can try out.

If you are a person who enjoys sports, you can go swimming, play soccer with your friends, or do a group workout. Some people struggle with motivation, but when they are surrounded with people and listen to upbeat workout music, it feels like they are a part of  a tribe. This causes the adrenaline to increase and it’s much easier to form a habit.

The important thing when you start with your workout plan is to always plan it ahead so that it fits into your busy day. For some people, the best time to workout is early in the morning or immediately after work. During the first part of the day, you likely won’t feel as tired as after a long work meeting or when it’s almost time for bed. But it’s best to learn to listen to your body and rhythm.

If you haven’t been working out for a very long time, you will probably try to find everyday excuses to miss your workout. This is why your physical activity has to become a habit. Even if you’re feeling very lazy, try to dedicate at least half an hour to exercise. Make it a light workout session – just try to stick it through. In these situations, the workout itself is not that important. What is important is for you to start perceiving your workouts as an integral part of your day, a normal activity like brushing your teeth every morning and night.

But let’s be honest: some days will be busier than others. If you don’t have time for a dedicated workout, take a walk with your kids. They will enjoy spending time with you and the fresh air will be a good thing for everyone.

In the end, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Sometimes you’ll be exhausted and choose to stay at home. Your self-discipline won’t always be rock solid. It’s ok as long as you have the willpower to show up the next day and stay committed to your health and fitness goals. Keep your eyes on the prize. Accept the support from a group of people like yourself, be it a community in your sports training app, your best friend, co-worker, or a workout buddy who can hold you accountable.