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How to Display Your Pictures Artistically: 4 Ways 

When furnishing or accessorising our homes, we generally pay more attention to the interior and furnishings than wall space, artistic elements, and personal touches. Or if we do consider the latter, we usually think about this aspect once we’re satisfied with how the interior is looking. However, personality is key when it comes to interior design, and it’s essentially what turns a house into a home. Therefore, you can accentuate the room much more and showcase your artistic integrity by paying attention to how you stylise personal items in your home, such as pictures. Displaying your photographs uniquely doesn’t have to be complicated, so we’ve created this short list on how you can display your photographs artistically to help you with inspiration.

Make Your Own

The internet is a terrific boon for any budding do-it-yourselfer, and you can find many templates, instructions, or guides on how to make your own artistic picture displays. Since there’s such an abundance of do-it-yourself guides, you don’t even have to select a ‘traditional’ frame format to follow. For instance, you could source a large piece of driftwood and turn it into a base to hang pictures off with some string, or you could use fairy lights and some clips to make a set of makeshift photo clip string lights. Alternatively, you could enlist the services of companies such as Picture Frames Direct and create your own custom picture frames using their online tool, which will allow you to make artistic, made-to-measure frames to display your pictures. You could also look for a sports jersey frame too!

Suppose that you’ve got a plain wall going spare in your house? In that case, you could consider livening it up by turning the vacant space into a gallery wall. Try framing as many of your pictures as possible and filling the available space; you could experiment with artistic themes and have all the photos framed identically. Or you could create a whimsical theme and prepare them in varying frames and sizes, which will add character to the room and Alice in Wonderland-esque vibes.

Experiment With Shapes 

Experimenting with shapes is the perfect way to balance art and display in your home. Instead of opting to display your pictures in traditional collages and wall-mounted square frames, you could consider showing them alone or grouped in different stencils. Playing around by purchasing frames in unique shapes such as hearts, stars or you’d prefer a more professional-looking shape, you could look at frames that incorporate modern themes like circles or disproportioned triangles and angles.

Take Inspiration From Art Galleries 

If your living space is home to a lot of art, you could consider displaying pictures alongside the art pieces in your collection as an homage to art galleries. Use low placement floating frames with transparent edges and arrange them around your favourite vase or ornament to mix art and pictures seamlessly. Or, you could use shelving or display boxes and alternate the rows between your photographs, art pieces, and candles, much like this internet guide suggests.