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Tips for Promoting Positive Wellbeing in the Workplace

Mental health is something that everyone has, just as everyone has physical health. Individuals spend a lot of their life dedicated to work, so the workplace must be a safe and comfortable environment to spend time in. The workplace environment can itself impact someone’s mental wellbeing, or it can exacerbate feelings that someone is already struggling with. It is therefore important that a workplace is open about wellbeing, and actively supports its employees. This can significantly improve wellbeing, happiness in the workplace and productivity. People are much more inclined to feel positive about the company and committed to the organisation when wellbeing is considered and even prioritised. Without happy employees, your business may suffer.

Here are some top tips to help you consider wellbeing in the workplace. 

#1 Actively promote wellbeing 

Making adjustments to your organisation to actively promote wellbeing, can be a great place to start. By bringing in mental health speakers for events, raising awareness through discussions within meetings, incorporating training and inductions for mental health, and bringing in mental health champions your business you are showing you support wellbeing. This will show employees that you care about their mental health, and shows that you care about them as people as you are taking action to make changes. You can also find ways to get staff more involved, as this will show their experiences and opinions are valid. It will also benefit your business as each voice and opinion is unique and can provide your businesses with new and progressive ways to move forward and support each other. 

#2 Regular check-ins

Just as you have regular check-ins with employees about their job role, their job performance, targets and progression, it can also be helpful to have regular wellbeing check-ins, especially if you feel someone is not acting themselves. This can provide a safe, and comfortable space for employees to open up about their struggles in the workplace, and know that their concerns are being listened to. This is an opportunity to open the conversation up around mental health, as well as help you identify true concerns so you can make actionable changes in the workplace. 

#3 Mental health training for managers 

For managers to check in and take the necessary action to support their teams, it may be necessary to put them on a mental health training course. This will enable your staff to be able to better support their employees, and know what steps they can take to help them. It will also ensure they are trained and have the mental capacity to do so, while giving them the tools they need to thrive in their own life, such as exercise and mindfulness. 

If your business cannot afford to invest in training just yet, you could see if a couple of staff members will volunteer to be dedicated mental health champions, and put them through the training, to begin with. Any changes you can make to support mental health and wellbeing efforts will make a huge difference. 

Mental health and wellbeing is a crucial topic that needs to be addressed in any workplace. When employees feel valued and cared for, they will be much happier and support your organisation more.