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5 Factors To Help You Decide The Location Of Your Garden Shed 

Garden sheds are a great addition to your backyard. They are beneficial for storing gardening tools and other equipment. Garden sheds come in different shapes, sizes, and door openings. Many people use sheds with roller doors when they want the ease of access and security for their sheds. 

Though there are numerous reasons why people keep sheds in their yards, many people struggle to decide where they should place them. If you find it challenging to determine the place where a garden shed will seem logical and visually appealing, here are five factors you should consider while deciding the location of your shed.

1. Landscape

Landscaping plays a vital role in the placement of your shed. The ground should be levelled and flat so the shed will not be tilted towards one side. Always consider your plans for the yard before placing your shed, as it can be challenging to move the shed once you put it. Though building a shed on a slope can be possible, the flowing rainwater can be a big headache in the rainy season. So, make sure the place you choose does not accumulate water, or it can damage the shed in the long run.

2. Security

Since your shed is placed outside your house, there are possibilities of intruders breaking in and stealing things. So, a good place would be an area that can be seen from the house. 

Moreover, sheds with additional security features like rolling doors are better for security and accessibility. They are made with heavy-duty, durable material and are difficult to break in. That is why installing sheds that have roller doors would make more sense if you want to secure your shed from unwanted intruders.

3. Local permissions

Permissions from local authorities can also determine where you can put your shed. Many homeowners associations have strict rules about where you can build outdoor structures. Such as, creating a shed in front of your house can not only affect your curb appeal but can be a big eyesore for the entire neighbourhood. 

Your local authorities can have different guidelines about whether you can build outdoor structures or not. That is why you need to check the policies of your local authorities and HOA to ensure that you can create the shed at a specific location in your yard.

4. Appearance 

The location of your shed can significantly make or break the appearance of your garden. If you follow a specific theme or styling for your garden, you need to be careful while deciding the placement of your shed. If you want to show your newly built shed to your friends and family, paint it according to your theme so that it does not seem out of place.

5. Accessibility

Sheds are used to store essential tools, bicycles, electronics, car parts, and many other important things. That is why you should build a shed where you can easily access it whenever you want. Do not build the shed beyond a tree or bushes and way far from your home, and place the shade in an open area relatively closer to your home.

Garden sheds are worth your money if you build them at the right place. Many sure you consider all these factors so that you do not regret a wrongly placed shed later.