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House Hunting Tips for Young Couples 

Searching for the first home together is truly a magical experience. You want to achieve so many dreams, hopes, and aspirations, and moving into your own home is the first step. There’s also nothing better than an agent calling you to tell you that you’ve got the house that you want, and it is available at a great amount.

Most couples who shift to another country and start house hunting need to understand a few things. New homeowners often need a good credit score, a solid bank account, or a pre-approved loan. When planning the finances from your home country, it is best to speak to reputable US immigration services for all your financial documentation, paperwork, legalities involved with the transfer of funds, and more. 

Let us look at a few house hunting tips for young couples.

Plan Ahead

Planning is critical when you both are thinking of house hunting. Money doesn’t come into the bank account overnight. It is necessary to have a good credit score and a sufficiently strong bank balance in the US. Most lawyers for immigration will help you understand the challenges involved with buying a new house and help with the legalities of purchasing and transferring property. 

Being organized and planning correctly is key to ensuring a smooth move. You and your partner can consider several options when it comes to houses – a place that needs remodeling and renovations, a partially furnished home, or a ready-to-move-in house. With so many options, it can become challenging to narrow down on the best aspects of house hunting before you start looking at avondale homes for sale, or wherever it is you are looking to buy. However, having a list of things needed, and those things ordered according to your priorities, will help you to find a place much soon than if you were going into this without doing any preparations. 

What You Need

Most newlywed and young couples are unsure about what they need in a house. You and your partner should have an honest discussion about how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and localities you want to see. Once you both understand the types of properties (houses, apartments, condominiums), it will be easier to finalize on a budget.

Many young couples avoid houses near schools and colleges. However, it is best to remember that places nearer to train stations, schools, colleges, and religious institutions always have a higher resale value in the long term. If you ever plan to sell the house in the future, living in a high-value area will be highly beneficial. 


Financing the house doesn’t stop at the purchase. While there are down payments, mortgage options, easy payback schemes, and interest rates to calculate, it is also helpful to remember that some initial work will be done in the house. From flooring to painting, remodeling the kitchen, to new furniture, cost of transport, logistics, and moving, international customs fees or any other taxes also need to be accounted for. The team from birmingham-immigrationlawyer.co.uk can help with the international fee transfers, customs, and spousal visa requirements to enable you to set up a home. 

Both of you should decide the amount to purchase the house and all the miscellaneous expenses, plus the renovations, plumbing, electrical work, fittings, and more. You would also need to work on the cost of new appliances, amenities, and upgrades to the house.

Find A Reputable Agent

Finding a reputable agent from a good quality real estate agency is necessary. While the commissions may seem cheaper for solo agents, it is best to opt for a full-service consultancy and pay the higher fees. This is because registered agencies have more property listings, certifications, registrations, and licenses and are well-known in the locality. 

While it is best to start the agency hunt online, you should meet the agents and managers in their offices to get a feel of the kinds of properties they offer. You could also ask friends, family members, and close acquaintances for references to good property agents to help with your house hunt if you are unsure. 

Negotiate Well

Most couples usually get very excited about their dream house and forget that it is essential to negotiate with the homeowners. If you are alert about the work required in the place, like plumbing, repairing or redoing the electrical wiring, needing a new roof or flooring, it is best to negotiate the cost of the home. 

One quick tip is to check the roofing thoroughly. A new roof is often installed without removing the earlier one (to save costs). However, doing this will cause the earlier roof to decay and fall and cause you additional money to fix it. Being aware will help save you a lot of money and can also drive down the cost of the property.