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Jaques of London: The Christmas-Perfect Wooden Toys 

Christmas Time is here! Now that we’re only a few days away, we can definitely feel proud of all the Christmas shopping we’ve done. In the recent years, Christmas has been lurking around Halloween time. What a shame, when you could just enjoy each season and event for what it is, with its set rules and times! That would keep the tradition bright and dandy, and we do need a bit of tradition to appreciate progress, don’t we?

What I love to keep traditional are toys. A while back, I wrote about some amazing backgammon games crafted by the famous toymaker Jaques of London. The UK-based family run business makes the sturdiest wooden toys around, with high quality trays that will keep you entertained all year round. 

I felt like telling you about two of my favourite wooden games; the Tumble Tower and Tiddledy Winks set. Both are available at a super affordable price, and more than that, they will offer you hours of fun and rest with your family!

Magnum Giant Tumble Tower

The Giant Tumbling Tower (currently discounted at £31.99 instead £37.99) has got to be one of the best family games ever. I remember playing this with my family, friends, and in class at the end of the school year. The Jaques of London version is made of smooth, high quality wood that stands over 3 feet tall when you play – and don’t make the pieces fall.

Handcrafted in New Zealand from sustainable sources, it seems like the Tumble Tower has got all the fun you need in store. Family moments that touch on skill, focus, and strategy coupled with the sustainability of sturdy pine wood – with the Tumble Tower, Jaques of London offers much more than just an entertaining moment. It goes beyond and allows us to connect with our family and friends again, and will help the younger generations bloom without the need for a screen.

Travel Tiddledy Winks Set

The Travel Tiddledy Winks set is one of the most affordable gifts you can make this year. Currently discounted at £8.99 instead of £13.99, the set features the skilled and sturdy craft, a Jaques of London signature.

The Tiddledy Winks game is an old schooler, and an original invention of the Jacques brand. It dates back from 1864, and I think we can agree that the British game is one of the oldest family games. Since it’s pretty small, you can take your Tiddledy Winks case when you’re out with the kids or traveling to keep the little ones entertained (and busy, let’s say it the way it is).

Jaques of London Final Thoughts

Coming back to tradition now and again can only impact our future positively. With the over-availability of screens and connected apps, most families have lost the contact. The resurgence of games that really shape up the mind and strengthen relationships: that’s the progress we need, and it’s available on discount for Christmas, so snatch it!