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Visiting Munich with Kids: Top Activities for Families 

Visiting Germany with kids can be beyond exciting. Going to Munich adds a special touch to your journey with all the kid-friendly activities you can do as a family. Whether it’s visiting the museums or checking out zoos, your kids will have the time of their lives with such a vast offer of child-appropriate activities. Not sure where to start from? Check out our comprehensive guide and enjoy every second of your visit to Munich.

Check out the Olympic Park

Munich was the host of the Summer Olympic Games in 1972, which required building the Olympic Park for the event. Children aged ten and older can go on a stadium rooftop tour and enjoy a breath-taking view of the entire stadium. Not only will you be able to see the stadium, but marvel at the most mesmerizing views of Munich and the Alps. You can also enjoy an array of sports activities at the Olympiapark, such as boating, ice hockey, soccer, ice skating, biking, mini-golf, tennis, and many more. If you visit during summer, you can take a dip at the same pool where all the Olympic athletes swam back in 1972.

Treat everyone with delicious konditorei

Munich is a proper gourmet city that will offer you a vast choice of delicious food specialities. One of them is the kids’ favourite – sweets. When in Munich, make sure you visit one of many bakery-cafes – konditorei – offering delectable treats. Enjoy a luscious piece of cake with your favourite coffee and take a break from all the sightseeing. From Sachertorte to Berliner, Obsttorte and Linzertorte, you will find a type of cake for everyone’s taste. Marzipan-laden and seasonal fruit-topped cakes are some of the locals’ favourite treats, so make sure you have a bite of those too to feel like a born German.

Take a sightseeing tour

If you’re in Munich for more than a few days, you should take the opportunity of going to one of the thrilling Munich day trips sightseeing toursTake a day and go to Nuremberg, Lake Konigssee, Castle Herrenchiemsee, or the Zugspitze. From Bavaria’s second-largest city to the visit of the exciting salt mine and King Ludwig II’s castle, your family will have a lovely day trip on one of Munich’s sightseeing tours. Use the unique opportunity to see the world of the famous manufacturer of crustal glass – the one and only Swarovski on your day trip.

Head to the Deutsches Museum

Are you looking for an all-age appropriate activity in Munich? Head down to the most popular museum in Germany – the Deutsches Museum. This phenomenally designed edifice will fascinate visitors of all ages. Showcasing iconic objects such as Arctic explorers and zeppelins, you will have the chance to spot hundreds of the exhibits. The museum is located on the Isar River, and it features Kids’ Kingdom – the kid-friendly section for children ages three through eight. This part of the museum will be a true revelation for every child, presenting them with an array of activities that explore astronomy, sound, water, ships, music lights, and computers, among many others. The little ones will enjoy learning about levers, treadmills and pulleys. They can also learn more about physics, the way the sound travels through a guitar and even experience driving a fire truck.

Tour Bavaria Filmstadt

Ever considered visiting a film-making studio? Bavaria film studio is fully equipped with real motion simulation equipment that will allow your kids to feel like they’re about to film their first motion picture. Do they want to re-enact scenes? No problem. Visitors can also see how the scenery is created through this interactive studio tour. Another exciting activity includes sitting atop Fuchur, the flying dragon from The Neverending Story, as they’re being filmed flying across the sky. Use the opportunity to visit all the locations, check out the original scenery, and props from popular television shows and movies. Want to take the visit to the next level? Take the famous 4D Motion Ride and check out all the special effects, used to create some of the most iconic movie scenes. Check out the schedule of the film studio, and don’t miss out on observing a 92-feet deep plunge, an array of stunts including falls, fires, and fistfights.

Visit the Zoo

If children love something, they love interacting with animals. Make their trip to Munich a real treat by going to the zoo with them. Hellabrunn Zoo is apparently the first geo-zoo in the world. Spreading over 99 acres, the Hellabrunn Zoo resembles more a nature preserve than a standard zoo. Ever since 1911, families have been enjoying their trips to the zoo, and by this time, the zoo has gathered almost 19,000 animals. It’s a proud owner of close to 800 species, including reptiles, sea creatures and birds. Make sure you go to the polar bear section and check out the beautiful sea lions. Make your little one’s trip unforgettable by letting them walk with ponies and llamas.

Don’t skip going to Sea Life

What child doesn’t like looking at sea creatures swimming, right? Offer your child a true enjoyment in Munich and take them to Sea Life. The brightly coloured tropical fish and massive sharks will take their breath away. Add cute little sea turtles, stingrays, and sea horses to the mix, and your visit will be beyond amazing. As you walk through a tunnel beneath a massive sea tank, you will spot sea animals swimming so close to you. To offer the kids an even more thrilling experience, take them to the rocky pool – a touch tank of living sea life.

If you plan to visit Munich with your kids in the next few months, you’ll need a list of activities that will keep your trip thrilling and engaging enough to make everyone have a good time. This beautiful city in Europe is filled with family-friendly activities, so if you’re staying for a week or longer, do your best to cross every activity we’ve suggested off your list. We guarantee you’ll have the best time no matter where you start from.