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ADONIS Surrogacy cost and quality 

Surrogacy motherhood is one of the latest achievements of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Parental rights safety, controlled pregnancy period, total care of the future baby – are the main foundation aspects for great results.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies propose a variety of Surrogacy Programs with individual adapted treatment plans and support.

ADONIS experienced specialists control every stage of the Surrogacy Program, because we care about each family and its unique story. 

Let’s outline the main stages of Surrogacy treatment in ADONIS clinic: Exposure and Surrogacy Program introduction

From the first contact with ADONIS support service, you receive the full information about the Surrogacy treatment, Cost of Surrogacy, Surrogate selection, etc. Your personal coordinator will lead you throughout the whole period of the Program answering all questions and giving all needed help. 

You will be appointed for consultation with a Surrogacy specialist to observe the course of actions and to define your requests and wishes.

Full examination for Intended parents

ADONIS ‘own diagnostic laboratory provides a special opportunity for the clients to undergo full examination before the start of treatment process. Its results especially help to identify the health state of our patients, to create individual treatment plans, and to decide whether a Genetic material donor is needed. ADONIS laboratory is equipped with only certificated techniques which ensure the best accuracy of diagnosis. In case of special emergency or convenience, you may have an examination process in your country of origin (mostly for our foreign patients).

Surrogate selection 

Surrogate selection is an essential part of the whole Surrogacy treatment. Surrogate is the woman who will bear your future baby for the pregnancy period. We in ADONIS take care of this stage by compiling our own Surrogate database with totally healthy and examined candidates. We put through your requests, indication, personal predispositions (appearance, physical state, genetic, etc.) to choose the perfect match.

Surrogacy infertility treatment 

This stage includes embryo creation in ADONIS own embryo laboratory, embryo transfer into the uterine cavity of Surrogate, pregnancy period with professional control. Moreover, the ADONIS Neonatology Department can provide the newest Preimplantation genetic screening for your embryo to ensure the total health and proper development of your future baby.

Baby delivery 

ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals will surround Surrogate, baby and Intended parents with the highest care, while professional approach and knowledge of our specialists will ensure safety and control over the processes. We provide everything that is needed for the comfort of the newly minted parents, including Maternity School courses with essential information about baby care and growth.

Medical lead-up

Even after discharge ADONIS provides medical and informational lead-up for all patients. You are always welcome to have a specialized consultation or appointment. If you are overseas – be sure that our coordinators will satisfy your request 24/7.

ADONIS Surrogacy quality and cost is the best combination. Our proposals are developed according to all norms and standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and worldwide associations. Be sure – we ensure medical assistance of the highest level. 

Let your dream of a baby come true with ADONIS.