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If Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate Then Follow These Tips 

If your official website has a high bounce rate then follow these tips

The advent of the Internet made the business world quite competitive.

Hence, to make sure that your business is not losing to its rivals, you need to ensure that your brand’s official website does not have a high bounce rate.

What Is That?

Well, in the words of an SEO expert associated with a digital marketing company here in the UK that offers professional SEO services, bounce rate represents the percentage of online visitors that leave your website instantaneously without interacting.

Why Bother About Bounce Rate?

Well, bounced visitors means lost business opportunities.

In simple words, your business lost a prospective customer.

Hence, if you have big plans for your business, you need to have a grip on the bounce rate of your venture’s official website.

Sure, your business website might have hundreds of thousands of visitors each day but if none of them turns into a paying customer, what is the use of all that online traffic!?

Get the idea?

How To Reduce The Bounce Rate Of Your Official Website?

There are several steps available for business owners to reduce the bounce rate of their official website.

Some of the most lucrative ones are mentioned in the sections below.

Make Sure That Your Website Is Backed By A Result-Oriented SEO Strategy

Hire a digital marketing company that offers professional SEO services and let their SEO experts check the official website of your business for the following:

  • The Loading Speed Of Your Website – (an ideal website needs to load quickly)
  • The Overall Design Quality Of Each Web/Landing Page – (an ideal website needs to be aesthetically pleasing)
  • The Website Content – (an ideal website will be packed with relevant and quality-assured website content)
  • The Keywords Used – (an ideal website will have website content packed with business-relevant keywords)
  • The Overall Mobile Device Optimization Factor Of The Website – (an ideal website will be mobile device optimized so that it can be viewed and browsed using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets).

When the aforementioned problems are identified and addressed, the overall bounce rate of your business website will come down drastically.

Furthermore, your business website will also enjoy a high rank in the SERPs of leading Search Engines like Google.

An Ideal Business Website Will Have A High UX Factor

Making sure that your business website has a high UX factor begins by seeing to it that its landing page content and design are well-structured.

Furthermore, you would also need to ensure that the visual elements, interactivity factor of the website as a whole and the experience it can offer to your prospective clients are high as well.

How to do all of that?

Well, a complete overhaul of your website along with the SEO strategies it has been backed with shall do the trick.

Make Sure That Your Business Website Is Subjected To A/B Testing

A/B tests are conducted by SEO and digital marketing experts.

A/B tests consist of scenarios where two versions of a single website landing page are made live so that visitors can visit the same. After that, the engagement rates of the pages are tallied so that the best page remains live.

Consult with the experts of a digital marketing company for more technical details.


To be on the safe side of things, hire a revered digital marketing company and use their support services. Let them look after your official website, for the foreseeable future. For the best results, research the digital marketing company and make sure that it has a stellar track record.