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4 Fun Ideas for Pranksters 

We are often looking for amusing ideas, so it seemed fun to think of some options here. If you are the kind of person who likes to play pranks on others but does not like to get their hands dirty, or for others to know that it is you, then some of the ideas here may prove helpful.

Why wait until April Fools Day when April 1st only comes but once a year?

The ultimate Surprise

It would be a surprising thing to receive in the post, but how about if you mail someone poop? It should not have to be you that sent it, but a company that has been set up to offer such a service. This would take the prank entirely out of your hands but still result in the same surprising ending for the recipient. Just a thought! 

It would be a vastly different prank and not one we can imagine is that widespread. If the post person knew, they would never deliver that particular item of mail. Except they cannot know what is inside if it is discreetly packaged. That is for the lucky, or a rather unlucky recipient, to find out. Imagine the shock! They may never guess who sent it to them.

Fake Pregnancy

A female relative best performs this, of course. It would hardly be convincing if a male faked pregnancy. Also, it cannot be a relative that lives in the family home but visits occasionally, perhaps due to the distance they live away. 

The prank to which we refer is to use a cushion up a jumper to represent the bump of a baby and then wait for that shock reaction. This will be more so if the person is not married and because surely the pregnancy would have been mentioned to relatives well before the baby was about to be born. You could have a lot of fun with this. A larger cushion might indicate that twins are about to be born.

This will then either be a case of persuading a female relative to be the pregnant lady or a female prankster being the pregnant lady herself. 

The problem with this option, of course, is that it will be obvious who the prankster, or prankster’s assistant, is.

Misleading Signs

Now for a prank that any gender could consider, and where the identity of the prankers never has to be revealed if they are discreet in their execution.

Does your boss appreciate jokes? If so, then misleading signs when you work in a large building, where there are lots of employees looking to navigate it, can be fun. Particularly if it is the employee’s first day. You can cruelly direct them into all kinds of rooms where they should not be. A diversion to the boardroom instead of another room, for example, because of the door sign you temporarily changed once all the occupants were inside. This would be a restricted place to them on their first day, at least, and their apparent confusion may cause much amusement, for some.

At home, you could have a sign for visitors that will make little sense. For example, “Beware of the large dog,” when you have a dog so small it is hardly guarding your property.Since when did the family Alsatian become a Chihuahua? The latter, and example we have used here, is one of the smallest breeds of dog and named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Ironically, this is the largest of Mexico’s 32 states, not the smallest. See what fun you could have with sizes!

Fake Insects

So many of us have an inherent fear of insects and arachnids that it always provides much amusement when you can buy the fake ones and then strategically place them around the home. The bathroom or bedroom, even in the bed, would represent a place few would want to see them, whatever their phobia.

It is thought that between 3% and 15% of the population have arachnophobia or a fear of spiders. This range implies that many do not admit it. We can soon find them out with a fake spider, though.

Examples of fake insects that you can buy in addition to the odd plastic spider include cockroaches, beetles, flies, wasps,ants, or ladybirds. Anything creepy crawly by nature, or that might sting, will seem undesirable when spotted and mistaken for the real thing. You could have a lot of fun trying this with several types of insects. If representing a wasp, make sure that it is the time of year we are likely to see them. It will be more convincing that way.

Studying a list of phobias will help you to decide on your insects, whether a spider is better, or allow you to produce other pranks.

Just a few ideas for pranks here, but who needs a lengthy list when a shortlist can contain the best pranks! Be brave and consider those pranks others might avoid trying for fear of the reaction, should you decide to admit that it was you. Sometimes it will be obvious, of course.