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The Best Destinations for Buying Property in Europe for a Vacation Home

Offering stunning coastlines, awe-inspiring mountains, a rich history, as well as some of the most iconic cities in the world, the entire continent of Europe has always been incredibly popular among travelers and investors alike. And even though the region went through a couple of rough patches during the last few years, the European real estate market is quickly recovering, truly presenting the ideal time to invest in a vacation property in this part of the world. If you’ve been considering Europe for your second home, here are some of the best destinations to look at:

Tuscany, Italy

The flourishing region of Tuscany, filled with world-renowned vineyards and breathtaking rolling hills, is continuously among Europe’s best destinations for purchasing a second home. Apart from great wine and some of the most unique Italian landscapes, this region also offers a rich cultural heritage, beautiful art and architecture, and some of the most distinct travel experiences.

Tuscany provides everything from pristine coastlines and gorgeous enclaves down the Italian Riviera to the winding countryside and high-end vineyards around Pienza and Lucca, including iconic travel destinations such as Florence and Siena. This region is truly made to awe and inspire, making it the perfect place to buy a European vacation property.

Limassol, Cyprus

Situated in a convenient, easily reachable location, and known as being the sunniest island in Europe, Cyprus is continuously among the top travel spots in the region. The city of Limassol is home to the largest port on the island, as well as being a bustling destination that offers the ideal mix of the cosmopolitan lifestyle and history and rustic charm, with a vibrant city center providing everything a local vacationer might need.

Limassol’s stunning coastline location and unique boutique offering charms thousands of dedicated tourists each year, all of whom yearn to return the following season. It truly comes as no surprise that there is a high demand for vacation properties in the Limassol area.

Tivat, Montenegro

While it might be often overlooked, Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean, a stunning and tranquil escape ideal for a vacation home. There’s also been an increase in foreign interest in the region, moving the property market forward, and making it the ideal time to invest. The capital gains tax on real estate is quite low in Montenegro as well, while a habitable property in the country can provide you with a temporary residence permit.

For these reasons, Tivat Montenegro offer great real estate opportunities for foreign investors.  Offering high-end homes and full-service management in an extraordinary location, these luxury properties represent secure and protected second homes that generate profit throughout the entire year.

Shanklin, England

Although Brexit presented an issue for international travelers, it forced British natives to focus more on local vacations. As a result, Brits are causing a rise in popularity of small beach towns, including the picturesque Shanklin. This charming coastal town is situated on the Isle of Wight, traditionally among the top holiday spots for many Brits.

Another benefit of England is the fact that it doesn’t have a specific tax rate for rental income, but rather bases its taxes on earned income brackets. In case you plan on purchasing a second home on the shore that you only occasionally rent out, this can be an ideal destination for your needs.

Davos, Switzerland

As travelers become more focused on mindfulness and the importance of natural surroundings, destinations focused on health and well-being are also becoming more popular. The stunning town of Davos has long been a renowned wellness destination in Europe, attracting thousands of tourists with its unique Alpine charm.

But as health starts being a priority, Davos is slowly becoming even more prominent, attracting eager visitors all year round. Offering fresh air, clean waters, gorgeous trails, and some of the most breathtaking European landscapes, Davos is ideal for the health-focused traveler, and presents a perfect opportunity for an investment in a profitable vacation property.

From the rolling hills of Italy to the secluded safe havens of Switzerland, there’s truly no shortage of stunning destinations around Europe. If this continent has been high on your vacation rental investment wish list, then consider one of the locations mentioned above for the best, most profitable choice.