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Good Home Maintenance Tips for Healthy Living 

We spend more time at home than in any other environment. Recent data collected by the government found that, in the last few years, we’ve spent less time commuting or in offices, and have more than doubled the amount of time we spent on DIY and gardening. This means that our homes play a vital role in maintaining our health and wellness.

However, knowing that your home is important for your health is one thing — knowing what to do to improve your home is another. So, here are a few tips to ensure your home is helping, rather than hindering, your healthy lifestyle. 

Air Quality

Poor air quality in your home can sabotage your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have poor ventilation or allow excessive damp to build up, you’ll likely suffer from some of the following symptoms of poor air quality:

  • Eyes, throat, and/or nose irritation
  • Stomach aches or nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Congestion

You may also run into severe long-term health risks if you continue to breathe poor air. Conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory diseases can all occur due to poor air quality. 

To improve your air quality, you should proactively reduce the amount of damp in your home. You can do this by airing your home out regularly and should clear any drains or gutters that may be clogged. If you live in an older home, you may need to inquire into damp proofing your home and can add ventilation in your home by ensuring that humidity-producing machines like washers and dishwashers have external hoses. 


We spend much of our leisure time sitting down while we watch TV, read books, or play games. This much sitting can have a serious negative impact on your posture and can create significant back pain which will wreck your sleep quality. 

Poor sleep is a major issue, as sleep helps our bodies maintain our physical and mental health, and researchers find that poor sleep quality increases your chances of developing a mental illness like depression

To combat this, you should actively practise good posture while sitting and can invest in mattresses that support you even if you experience extreme back pain. Finding the right mattress will depend on your height, weight, and the nature of your back pain, so it’s worth trying out different bed options like memory foam or hybrid options to see which will support you the best. 

You should also consider refurbishing your bedroom, and should opt for lights that can be dimmed and remove any electronics like TVs, computers, or phone chargers, as research shows that blue light can suppress your body’s natural production of melatonin. 

Make Exercise Easy

Exercising at home can be difficult. You’ve got to find the time and motivation to leave your desk or couch and start getting your blood pumping within the confines of your house. Some folks find this whole process easy, and wouldn’t let anything get in the way of their daily activity — but most of us will use any excuse to get out of exercising. 

To combat the temptation to skip exercise, you should streamline your workout area to ensure that no distractions or inconveniences will get in the way. Ideally, this means you can dedicate a part of your home to working out, but that might not be realistic for everyone. 

If you have limited space, you can make the area more workout friendly by clearing away any loose objects like cables or vases and should avoid purchasing large pieces of furniture like coffee tables. Once you have room to work out in, consider keeping the following equipment in a nearby, easy-to-reach cabinet or cupboard:

  • Exercise Bands
  • 2+ Sets of Dumbells
  • Skipping Rope
  • Foam Roller
  • Ab Wheel 

These basic bits of equipment allow you to target every major muscle group in your body, so you can follow any kind of regime from callisthenics to body-building. 

The Weekends

It’s usually easier to maintain a clean home and healthy habits during the weekend when we have more free time. However, for many folks, the weekends represent an opportunity to splurge on unhealthy foods and activities which will undermine their health-conscious efforts from the week. 

To avoid losing control over the weekends, you should dedicate time and energy to improving and cleaning your home. Or, if you already have a perfectly clean space, you should enjoy the serenity it brings by engaging in meditation or mindfulness activities that help you think and improve your mental wellbeing. 

You also have time to expand your exercise routine during the weekend. If the weather is good, you can take the equipment you store in a living room or bedroom outside and can incorporate things like sprints and jogging into your activities. 


A healthy, clean home lays the foundation for a health-conscious lifestyle. Ensuring your house is well ventilated and free from excessive damp will reduce your chances of becoming ill, and creating a dedicated workout space will help you form a strong exercise habit. By taking these few simple steps, you can improve the environment you live in and will find it far easier to live a healthy lifestyle.