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Mainline Menswear: 5 Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man 

Whatever we say, Valentine’s Day will always remain one of the most famous holidays. You may believe in its power or not, but aside from celebrating love in a cute way, Valentine’s Day is the occasion to get your other half a nice gift to remind them of your affection.

It might get pretty difficult to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. When we talk about women, we know that chocolates, a cute new dress, or a nice dinner out will seal the deal. But when it comes to men, it’s so tricky. How many times have you asked your partner what he wanted for his birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, only to hear the answer: ‘I don’t know’?

Well, it is my job to find the best ideas and brands online and share them with you here on Working Daddy. And I have recently come across Mainline Menswear, a UK-based shop established in 2002 in North Yorkshire. There, I have found brands like Hugo Boss, Under Armour, Replay, Nike, and even some vintage bits from Fila Vintage. Without further ado, let’s dive into this mini-guide of the five ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts for your man this year. Spoiler alert: he’ll love them.

Who are Mainline Menswear?

Although you might not have heard of Mainline Menswear, the brand has actually celebrated its 20th Anniversary this year. With over 83,000 customers to satisfy over the years, Mainline Menswear has expanded their offer so much that in 2004, only two years after establishing the company, they had to open a website.

When it comes to men’s fashion, the choice is not that large. Whether you dress vintage in colourful tracksuits, street style with famous brands like Adidas or Nike, or you can get super fashionable but be dressed like just any other guy on the street at Zara and H&M. And that’s particularly why I like Mainline Menswear: because there, you can curate your own style in a one-stop-shop.

Another feature that’s very much appreciated when it comes to Mainline Menswear is the fact that customer service lies at the core of the company. I’m talking about consistency when it comes to fulfilling the orders and shipping on time, and I’m talking about products that are premium quality, and identical to the ones that you’re going to see on the website. What you see is definitely what you get.

Now, a little bit about the offer. Not only can you get very famous brands like Versace, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, or Armani, but you can also find underdogs on the fashion scene that no one else is gonna be wearing on the street. Do you know of many other online shopping websites that can offer you Vivienne Westwood, Nudie jeans, or Deus Ex Machina? Right. I thought so. If you’re a fashion lover, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the brands that are sold on the Mainline Menswear website as you might very well find your next favourite clothes to mix and match. And what’s fashion without a little bit of fun?

Fred Perry Kingston Twill Trainers

First, up on my list of the ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts for men this year, are the Fred Perry Kingston Twill trainers. These are very easy-to-wear shoes for men, and they feature the fine craftsmanship of the Fred Perry brand at an affordable cost of £60. Since the website offers ClearPay options, you can even get your partner’s gift at the cheap price of £15 a month.

I’ve always thought that Fred Perry shoes were some of the easiest to wear day in day out, for date night or while you’re out with friends. The Kingston Twill trainers are nothing short of the everyday show with the signature logo embroidered in navy. All in all, they are that kind of gift that no one really expects but that everyone loves once they realize that if they’ve been running around without basic everyday shoes for a while.

Of course, if you’d like something a little bit more protective, Mainline Menswear offers other types of Fred Perry shoes, with thicker soles, or even leather if you’re feeling like gifting a pair of shoes for the cold weather. Yet, since it’s almost spring, the Kingston Twill trainers would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Under Armour Emea Tracksuit Grey

If on the other hand, your partner is more of a sports kind of guy, maybe a complete tracksuit would be a nice gift to open this Valentine’s Day. The Complete Emea tracksuit in grey would be very easy to wear around the house or even outside when he needs to go shopping for last-minute snacks.

It retails for £60, which is an amazing price considering just how popular Under Armour is in terms of fitness equipment and clothes. This tracksuit is available from sizes S to 2XL, so you’re bound to find the perfect size for your man.

I have chosen the Emea tracksuit in particular because I know how comfortable the brand is, both for long-sleeve track tops, and joggers. It’s dark grey, which makes it perfect for any occasion, and the signature Under Armour logo finishes to elevate the street style look.


Tommy Hilfiger Lounge Logo Flag T-Shirt Black

Now, if your budget is a little bit tighter, and your partner actually doesn’t need new shoes or a new tracksuit because he has plenty in the wardrobe, you know you can never go wrong with a new trendy T-shirt, right? I’ve selected that Tommy Hilfiger Lounge Logo flag T-shirt because it’s now half price on Mainline Menswear. It’s super fashionable and it goes with everything, whether he wants to wear it at the office or to go grab drinks with the bros.

Once again, it’s easy to wear and the fact that it is crafted from cotton jersey makes it super comfortable. You can even steal it from him when you’re going to bed, but don’t tell him. Just a black T-shirt, with that complementary fashion vibe.


BOSS Ocrunk Quilted Jacket Grey

If you’ve got the budget, I can’t think of one thing that could be cooler to get your partner for Valentine’s Day than a BOSS jacket. The Ocrunk Quilted Jacket in Grey retails for £189 and sizes from S to 5XL. That’s the easy everyday jacket, lightly quilted, warm, and perfect for spring and summer nights.

To make matters even fancier, the all-over quilted jacket is completed with a stand-up collar, an adjustable drawstring on the interior of the waistband, and a full front zip fastening. This is a pretty light colour in terms of grey, and I do think the BOSS Ocrunk jacket would be perfect with some light jeans and a pair of white Air Force. That’s definitely one of the items your man is going to keep for years. Plus, I mean, isn’t a signature BOSS logo fascinating? 


Adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers Grey

I have been a fan of the Adidas Originals Gazelle trainers for years. I remember collecting various colours, when Adidas released light green, turquoise, and even yellow Gazelle shoes for men. I think it’s safe to say that if you get them in grey or navy, it’s going to be a blast as you’re sure your partner is actually going to wear them.

These retail for £70 on Mainline Menswear, and you can get them in just a few days – not only for Valentine’s Day but also for birthdays or Christmas. As per Adidas’ habits of being all-inclusive, there are plenty of sizes for those trainers that range from 39 to 47. We’re onto a model that features all the fanciness of the Gazelle’s suede uppers, a slim synthetic tongue,  and the signature embossed Adidas logo in dark grey. An overall beautiful shoe, and t’s always a nice idea to go with a clean, sleek model for every day.


Mainline Menswear: Final Thoughts

My final thoughts about Mainline Menswear is that if you’re looking for a place made just for men, you shouldn’t think twice about placing an order. You’re sure to get stylish clothes, whether you’re choosing to go down the Armani road, or selecting some Hugo Boss, Converse, or Lacoste goodness. What does matter is that you remember exactly what your partner likes, so he can actually be blown away when he opens his gift.

And why not get him a full outfit with a new Nike Benassi hoodie, Nudie jeans, and sleek Superstar trainers? At least you’re sure that if he doesn’t like one of his gifts, he will love the others. Oh, and if by mistake, you forget that Valentine’s Day is just a few days, Mainline Menswear offers 72-hour delivery and next day delivery. So, that’s the moment to show you know what he’s all about, and your gifts match his top-notch personality..