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How To Make Working From Home More Balanced & Fulfilling 

Whether you have recently experienced a shift in the way your particular job role functions, have just acquired a new job that is based around remote working, or else have been working from home throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and longer, it can sometimes be hard to find the right work to life balance.

Aside from the numerous benefits that remote working affords both the individual and the company they work for, working from home can also make for a more fulfilling and balanced life in general. With this in mind, continue reading to learn how to make working from home more balanced and ultimately more fulfilling. 

Revel In Activities You Simply Cannot Do In The Office!

One of the major advantages to working from home all, or at least part, of the time is the way you can engage in activities whilst you work that you are likely to be unable to have done in a traditional office setting. 

Eating whilst working is a major plus as, even before the pandemic made the restrictions on what is permitted even tighter, usually one would have to head to the break room for their lunch. Vaping is another luxury that you can do from your desk and if you are someone who vapes regularly, be sure to stock up on great tasting 10% CBD oil as well as additional coils and spare batteries.

Additionally, when on a team video call, as long as you are wearing normal work clothes on the top half of your body, nobody is going to know if you have your comfiest sweats and slippers on underneath the desk!

Spend Your Lunch Break Outside

In the office, your designated hour or even half hour lunch break is likely to be spent either chatting with your colleague in the break room or catching up on more informal work-related gossip or extra-curricular activity planning. 

When working from home, use your free time in the middle of the day to get outside in the fresh air every single working day and if it is a particularly sunny day, consider walking around the block to get some exercise at the same time. 

Have A Designated Workspace

Once you have settled into your new remote working role, there can be a terrific temptation to take your laptop, papers and associated paraphernalia downstairs into the sitting room and work in front of the television. This is especially pertinent when discussing roles that do not require regular video chatting and online courses, where you work to your own time and to a certain extent, your own schedule as well. 

However, much more conducive to a successful working day is to wake up in the morning, get dressed, have some breakfast and then start work inside your designated workspace. Space permitting, you should ideally have a separate office or study, but if not, then certainly an area of the room that is specifically dedicated to work only.