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ADONIS qualitative help for everyone 

Every family is worth being happy parents of a totally healthy baby. There are different circumstances that can hamper the implementation of a parenting dream and one of such is the Infertility problem.

ADONIS International  https://adonis-international.com has already worked for more than 23 years for the good of families from the whole world. We are real professionals in the field of Fertility, Surrogacy, Prenatal care and Delivery, and we use all our knowledge to reach the highest success of your treatment.

Your procreation will be in the safe hands with ADONIS Programs. 

ADONIS Fertility International 

ADONIS Fertility International provides the highest quality treatment with its own technological basis.  

The whole range of medical processes is carried out in ADONIS clinics in Ukraine, while there is the ADONIS International office in the USA for the comfort of patients from the USA and Canada. 

North American Headquarter of ADONIS Medical Group provides informational support in your language, regulates payments in your currency and ensures total support throughout the whole stages. 

ADONIS Fertility Department provides the following treatment brunches:

  • IVF
  • Surrogacy
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery 

Each medical brunch is guided by qualitative staff with long-term experience.

Our patients safety

We in ADONIS particularly focus on the highest safety and comfort of our patients. 

Our own technological basis helps us to control every step of the treatment processes using the latest equipment which is certificated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Europe manufactured. 

Variety of Infertility Programs include different fillings for every case. ADONIS clients can take advantages from services available in one place:

  • ADONIS own Surrogate basis
  • ADONIS own Donor base
  • ADONIS own cryo bank
  • ADONIS own embryo laboratory
  • ADONIS own examination laboratory.

We provide a multi-stage check for Surrogate’s and Donor’s candidates including personal consultations, case history records, genetic predisposition, own children availability and many other essential aspects. 

Such a strategy helps us to be totally sure in our Donors which are represented in ADONIS ‘own bases. 

There are no waiting lists or pre-orders – we provide the services immediately, because we understand the highest value of it. 

ADONIS individual approach and additional services

We create the most comfortable conditions for our clients by means of additional services which are available in each ADONIS Package.

You can get an advantage from ADONIS ‘own Legal Department. It provides comprehensive legal support and protection, documents’ notarization, parental rights establishing, birth certificate production, etc. 

Moreover, we can do professional translation for your documents. 

ADONIS managers provide 24/7 informational support in any part of the world. 

And, of course, each patient can receive help from personal coordinators who are always in touch.

Treatment process can be comprehensive and challenging, but by obtaining ADONIS qualifying help, you will reach the best results of your treatment. 

Every person is worth being happy and healthy and ADONIS clinics are the best assistance in it.