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Is A Traditional Marriage Proposal Right For You? 

Thinking of popping the question? There are so many ways to ask a partner to marry you. For some couples, the traditional way is the most romantic way – this involves the man going down on one knee, usually in a special location, while presenting a diamond ring. However, you don’t have to follow this formula in order for your marriage proposal to be meaningful and there are so many other alternative ways to propose. This guide offers more advice on whether you should opt for a traditional proposal or not.

Should you propose with a ring?

It’s traditional to propose with an engagement ring in a box. The most classic ring design is the solitaire ring which is made up of a single gold or silver band with a centre stone. This stone is typically a diamond – you can read this origins of diamonds guide to learn about the significance of diamonds and how they became a symbol of engagement. A classic ring could be ideal for someone that likes their classic jewellery. 

Of course, you don’t have to choose this classic style of ring. There are so many other styles beyond the solitaire involving different shapes and different materials. These may be better suited to someone who prefers quirkier styled jewellery. You don’t even have to choose a ring with a diamond – some women may prefer other stones such as rubies or emeralds. 

The ring is usually presented in a box, however there are many other creative ways to present the ring such as placing it on a cake in a restaurant or tieing it to the stem of a champagne flute. This could be another thing to consider when proposing. 

There’s also the option to propose with no ring at all. In fact, it’s becoming more popular to propose without one. This allows you and your partner to go ring shopping together after – your partner can then choose a ring that is the right size and the right style for them. There are placeholder rings that you can buy if you feel that you still need a prop.

Should you propose somewhere special?

It’s common to choose somewhere glamorous to propose. Popular options include proposing over dinner in a restaurant, proposing in a hotel room or proposing in front of a scenic view. Such locations can be great for couples that love big romantic gestures.

Of course, proposing at home can be just as meaningful. It’s likely to save you money (you don’t have to book a meal or a hotel) and you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to transport the ring to the location. You may also find that you’re able to make it more spontaneous rather than having to set a date 

Should you get down on one knee?

The action of proposing on one knee dates back to when knights would bow before noblewomen. While most partner’s propose this way, you don’t have to do this.

Aside from obviously having a disability, there are many situations where going down on one knee may not be practical or even possible. For example, if you decide to propose in a car, in bed or on a plane, it may be easier to propose while sitting down next to each other. Sometimes it can be better to both be on the same level.