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Water Sports to Try In 2022 

There really is no need to wait for the warmer water days of spring and summer to try out a new water sport in 2022! There are plenty of options for what you can try; just throw on a wet suit, and even on the coldest days, you are ready to go. Whether you are taking part in some fun water-based activities in the Lake District, Cumbria, or surfing in Hawaii, water sports are a great way to get fit, feel invigorated and banish the winter blues. Of course, starting now will mean you are even better at your chosen water sports by summer. When summer does arrive, you might even look like a professional. You can relax and enjoy the opportunities the longer, warmer days bring to enjoy your hobby or start another one.

Get prepared

Of course, you may find yourself spending a great deal of time in the water, so it’s essential to invest in Water wear such as a high-quality wetsuit. As well as this, don’t forget when it’s colder, you’ll feel the weather more when you emerge from the water. Getting hold of a dry robe quickly, such as those from booicore, should help stave off the worst of the cold.

Wild swimming, anyone?

Water activities do not need to cost a lot of money or require extensive equipment to enjoy, such as open water swimming. It is sometimes known as wild or cold-water swimming, and it certainly offers a significant metabolism boost. It will help you stay healthy by burning calories and boosting your immune system. A word of warning is that you must wear the right equipment in the water and have access to warm clothes and a warm drink when you get out. Drying robes will help you get changed discreetly and easily before you get back in the car. You may also find a waterproof bag for wet items or universal waterproof seat covers, or a flattering hat to hide post-swim hair a valuable addition to your kit.

Here are some other fun activities worthy of trying in 2022


If it’s fun, you want, and the chance to benefit from a great workout to your core muscles, then paddle boarding is perfect. It won’t feel like a high-intensity workout, but it will burn through the calories as you glide along the water. It does wonder for improving balance, and it’s excellent for mental health too. You will get to see a different view of the land and nature that is guaranteed to leave you smiling.

Kayaking and Canoeing

If you are a little reluctant to immerse yourself in the water entirely, then you can still try out kayaking or canoeing as a great introduction to the fun of water sports. They also offer excellent resistance training and cardiovascular workout that strengthens both the upper and lower body core strengths. It is a low-resistance way to exercise, so it is good to have iffy joints. You still benefit from exercising and an increased heart rate and can change paddle lengths to increase intensity as you gain experience. Plus, it’s great fun and a lovely way to spend time on the water as long as you check out the Water Safety Code before you set off. 

Surfing and bodyboarding

You may not live by the sea, but surfing and bodyboarding is a great adventure that the whole family can enjoy with you, whether it’s a bodyboard at the beach on your holiday or you are lucky enough to be able to be close to the water then it’s undoubtedly a fun water activity worth a try in 2022.

Inspired? Why not check out the local clubs and facilities in your area and make 2022 the year you get fit and have some water sports fun?