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Between Homes? Here’s How to Protect Your Belongings 

The housing market’s gone a little haywire in recent months, after an initial slump and a huge pick-up caused by the pandemic. With the cost-of-living crisis surging on in earnest, many people who had planned a home move – either from a rented property or from a mortgaged one – have had to shelve their plans and reconsider their options. For those people who are between homes and wondering what to do next, the safety of their possessions is critical. So, this article’s about how to manage your belongings as you search for a new home.

Use Storage

Many of your belongings may already be in storage. If you were planning to move straight into a new home before your contract failed, you may be wondering what to do with all of your boxes of possessions. The answer is of course storage boxes, which you can find close to your local area. Use morespacestorage.co.uk to search for a facility near you, which you can use to easily protect all of your belongings for as long as you’re without a home. 

The final piece of the puzzle is to find a transportation mechanism by which you can get all your boxes and furniture to the storage facility. It’s relatively easy to hire a van or truck – either for you to drive, or to be driven by a hired driver – which will be able to help you transport your belongings. 

Take Out Adequate Insurance

When they’re inside your home, your possessions seem protected. That’s especially the case if you have contents insurance, which you can purchase in order to cover your most valuable belongings. But when they’re in transit or staying at a friend or relative’s home, your policy may be void. 

It’s important to note the fine print of any policy that you have, so that you know when you’d be able to make a claim in the event of theft, damage or loss. If that fine print means you’re not protected after all, it may be wise to take out a new policy. Make sure that your most valuable possessions are protected at all times when you’re between homes. 

Avoid Damage

The average homeowner has hundreds of possessions, ranging from clothing and cutlery through to large appliances and items of furniture. Whenever these are transported, there’s a risk that they will be dropped, scraped or broken in transit. Protecting your belongings when between homes is also a case of wrapping them securely, labelling fragile items and transporting them with as much care as possible.

As you pack your possessions, make sure you’re using plenty of sheets, crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them. If possible, use a wheeled trolly to transport heavy items, which will help you avoid the risk of them being dropped as you move them. Finally, try not to make your move when it’s raining, as rain quickly makes cardboard boxes flimsy and can damage treasured electrical goods and furniture. 

There you have it: the three main points to consider when you’re trying to keep your possessions safe when you’re between homes.