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Top Reasons Why Preserving Trees is So Important 

Over recent months and years, there has been a much higher degree of focus on the natural world around us and the importance of keeping it as protected as possible. There is no doubt that this extends to trees and their vital part in the natural order of things. However, if you have wondered more about the specifics of why tree protection is so important, let’s look closer at a few reasons right here and now.

Trees Help Improve Health 

First of all, there is a clear link between the number of trees and overall health of human beings. Their canopies work in a way that both traps dust and absorbs any common pollutants from the air around us. On an individual level, 1.7 kilos are removed from the atmosphere every year. Solar radiation is also reduced and noise can be cut back on as well. Plenty of them also have specific medicinal properties, which means that trees can quite literally heal us. There is a growing body of research out there that clearly shows a link between being around trees and a lowering of your heart rate and a drop in overall stress levels at the same time.

Strengthen Communities Now and in the Future 

The benefits of trees exist now and in the future. First of all, there is a clear link into the past, which you can see in more detail by taking a closer look at some of England’s oldest trees. Communities have often been built by wanting to be more connected with nature. A healthier and happier group of people is likely to be found around greener areas. At the same time,people can often bandy together in an effort to defend the trees in their local area and ensure that they remain fully protected. 

Trees Offer Environmental Benefits 

The next clear advantage to having a lot of trees in the local area is based on the fact that there are clear environmental benefits to be discussed. First of all, they can help absorb carbon dioxide from the environment, which has a clear link to slowing down the effects of global warming, which are obviously being discussed in a big way in the news at the moment. Trees can help in more developed areas to reduce wind speeds and cool the air in city environments. The prevention of flooding and soil erosion are just a couple of the other major benefits of them. 

Trees Boost Wildlife Numbers 

The final major advantage is the overall boosting of wildlife numbers that trees can provide. All sorts of other plants and animals make their homes around these areas. Ultimately, the microhabitats that they contain and their general importance cannot be overstated. 

If you needed any more convincing on the importance of protecting trees, these are just some of the main reasons you need to get involved and do something today. Trees are still getting destroyed at an alarming rate to create farming areas and more. This article should inspire you to join the fight against this.