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How to take care of the skin after tattoo removal

It is estimated that somewhere between 17% and 50% of people who get tattoos regret the decision. The numbers are staggering and many of those people who regret their ink may not realise that tattoo removal can eliminate the body art they now dislike.

Tattoo removal can be a painful process depending on your pain tolerance. If you continue undergoing treatment and complete the right aftercare, your formerly tattooed area will heal and look great. Clinics that provide tattoo removal in London are able to removal tattoos using the latest equipment. The technicians are also able to provide you with information on how to take care of the skin after the removal process.

The tattoo removal aftercare process

Proper tattoo removal aftercare will ensure the treated area has an optimal chance of healing properly. There are a few things you should do after undergoing a tattoo removal session, and they include:

  • Avoiding the sun – You should avoid all sunlight for at least 15 days if possible. After the 15-day period, you should use a strong sunblock for the next three to four months on the area when going outside.
  • Wearing loose clothing – Tight clothing will rub on the area and could cause it to bleed. Wearing loose-fitting clothes allows the area to breathe.
  • Not using cosmetics – Cosmetics can irritate the treated area. Once the wound has completely healed, you can begin wearing make-up on the area once more.
  • Do not go swimming for a minimum of 48 hours after treatment – Showering is fine as you need to clean the treated area, but swimming is a no-no. Submerging the removal area in water for long periods causes the area to not heal correctly. In addition, swimming pools, hot tubs, and even bathtubs contain bacteria and these can get into the wound causing infection.
  • Keep the treated area clean using a mild, fragrance-free soap – This is pretty self-explanatory as harsh soaps can cause damage to the tattoo removal area.
  • Keep the area hydrated using a fragrance-free, vitamin E lotion – Keeping the area hydrated will allow the skin to heal more quickly.

Cleaning the area

After having a tattoo removal session, the area is essentially an open wound. Therefore, it is vital that you take care of it to ensure there is no damage to your body. Depending on your preference, you may apply a plaster or bandage to the treated area.

Although you cannot go swimming or submerge the area in water, you can shower to clean yourself. It is typically okay to shower two hours or more after the tattoo removal session. It is recommended that the water for your shower doesn’t get too hot.

In addition, do not let the water hit the tattoo directly. This can cause damage to the wound. It is worth noting that the longer you wait to have a shower, the more time the skin has to build a protective layer over the wound.

If you follow these steps, your skin could look and feel normal three to six months after having laser tattoo removal.