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Keeping Your Home Safe in 2022 – Where Do You Start?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all spent an increasing amount of time in our homes. Perhaps more than ever before, they are our safe spaces, our havens from an eventful and busy world. That has resulted in many people rethinking how safe their home environment really is. In this article, we speak to the team at Sure Locks Stockport and take a look at some of the most effective ways of keeping your home safe, from cameras to strong doors.


A modern and visible alarm system is great both as a method of security and deterrence. A good alarm system that is linked to the appropriate authorities can mean that police will be on the way minutes after a break-in. Potential intruders are also far more likely to think twice if they see that a house has alarms and cameras; good alarm installers will make sure that the system is clearly displayed around the house, advertising that your house is not a good one to try to burgle.

In the case that there is a break-in, having video recordings can significantly increase the likelihood that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Having a high-quality alarm system can also reduce home insurance premiums, which should be a consideration when weighing up the cost.

Don’t leave the house looking empty

A lot of burglers will look to identify which houses are empty for attempting to break and enter. If you travel a lot, or spend time away from home for work or for other reasons, make sure that you don’t make your house into an easy target. Leave lights on, or even better, leave things like the TV and lights on timers, so that they turn on and off in an organic looking manner. 

It’s also important that you don’t let packages and letters pile up on your doorstep. Not only can those be stolen, it also directly advertises that your house is currently empty. Make sure you don’t order things while you’re away, and consider using Royal Mail Keepsafe, a service which can pause your post for up to 100 days.

Locks, doors & windows

A recent survey by MoneySupermarket found that 74% of burglers got into the house via the front door. People often think that if the door has a lock, it must be secure, but this sadly isn’t the case. Not all doors and locks are born equal, and some doors can literally be kicked down with relative ease. It’s important that if you update your front door, you also update your side and back doors to match. 

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link, and there’s no point in having a modern, expensive front door if an intruder can simply go round into the garden and get in there. It’s generally a good idea to have a security consultant or locksmith round to inspect your property, and make recommendations on ways to improve your system.