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10 Special Ways To Make And Keep Memories Of Your Family Travels 

Travelling can be a fun, if sometimes stressful, experience for the entire family. It can broaden your children’s horizons and help them learn about the wider world around them. Family holidays can take a lot of planning and effort to get right, and it’s important to prepare properly to ensure that the whole family has a fun time.  

Making memories is another vital part of travelling as a family. Family holidays are an important time to bond with your family, so bringing back plenty of memories is essential. There are many ways to do this, and this article will explore some of the best options to make memories last a lifetime.

Make A Scrapbook For Each Holiday

Scrapbooks can be an excellent way to store all of your holiday memories in one place. You should gather things for your scrapbook during your time on holiday. Boarding passes, menus, business cards, maps, and pressed flowers can all be great options to put into a family holiday scrapbook. You should also include plenty of photos. You could start the scrapbook before you leave and then fill it in as a family when you return. 

Keep A Diary While On Holiday

Keeping a diary of your holiday can be a great way to keep the memories fresh. You could keep a diary as a family. Note down what you did each day, where you went and what you ate. When you return from your holiday, you could add photos to the diary to keep the memories even more vivid and give your kids a story of their own adventures to read as they get older.  

Buy Souvenirs

Souvenirs can be another great way to keep memories of your travels. You could give the kids spending money so that they can buy their own souvenirs along with your own. It is a good idea to get souvenirs that you can easily display at home, such as an ornament or piece of artwork. Bear in mind that whatever you buy will have to travel back with you, so it’s best to avoid anything too fragile, large or heavy.  

Let Your Kids Take Photos

Giving your kids a camera so they can take their own photos is an excellent way for them to make their own memories. There are plenty of options for hardy, kid-friendly cameras that will allow kids to take pictures on their travels. If your children have smartphones, you could create an album for everyone to add their photos to.  

Print Your Photos In A Photo Book

When you return from your travels, it is a good idea to print the photos you take so that you and your kids can enjoy them any time they want. Consider having some of the best images printed into a travel photo book.  

You could get a photo book printed each time you travel and line up the books on your bookshelf for the kids to leaf through as they get older. Your children will also get a kick out of seeing their photography displayed in a real book. Take a look at the options for your travel photo book from Photobox for the best quality printing.  

Send Postcards Home

Postcards aren’t as popular as they once were, but they can be a fun way for the kids to enjoy their holidays. You could send a postcard to your parents and even one to your home for you and your family to find when you return. Choose postcards that have meaning, with images of the places you’ve visited and the things you’ve done.  

Hang Up A Scratch Map Of The World

A scratch map can be a great way to track where you’ve travelled as a family. These are maps that come coated with scratch-off material. After each trip, you can scratch away the coating to denote that you’ve visited that place. You can get some beautiful scratch maps that you can hang up in pride of place.  

Create Holiday Traditions

Your destinations may be different each time you travel, but creating some holiday traditions can be a great way to give your kids consistency and routine on your travels. You could make it a family tradition to let the kids choose where you eat breakfast the first day or make the first big meal a picnic in one of the local parks.  

Curate A Travel Playlist

Music can trigger memories in a unique way. Creating a travel playlist for each holiday can be a great way to help you make memories that will last a lifetime. You could include tracks you hear while travelling and some that you play in the hotel.  

Make Videos While Travelling

Videos can be a great way to document your travels in real-time. You could video your kids’ reactions to things and unique experiences. For instance, if you’re travelling to Disneyworld, it is a great idea to get a video of the kids as they enter the theme park for the first time.