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Alternative Lifestyles to Help You Save Money 

The cost of living is never reliable, and it can sometimes feel as though at any moment, the entire economy might conspire against us to make life more difficult. This is why there are so many new lifestyle movements emerging with a focus on saving money and making life simpler. There are a wide variety of lifestyle changes you can make that will help you spend less and save more – it all just depends on what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve this. Maybe you would prefer to cut back on eating out at restaurants so frequently rather than sell your house and move into a van. Whatever your personal values are, here are some money-saving alternative lifestyle choices that might inspire you to change things up while you save up.

Camper Van

The idea of living out of a van is definitely not new, but the current van life movement certainly is. There has been an explosion of people investing effort and money into renovating old vans and converting them into habitable spaces. The idea is to become mortgage free and give yourself the opportunity to travel more. Of course, downsides include cramped living quarters, no fixed address and potential dangers on the road. If you are willing to cook, sleep and drive in the same small area so you can visit different locations, then perhaps van life is for you.


Like living in a van, moving into a narrowboat allows you the freedom to travel canals from the comfort of your very own home. There is more space for movement on a narrowboat compared to vans; however, there are far fewer routes to travel compared to roads for wheeled vehicles. People who buy narrowboats as alternative homes tend to be attracted by the lack of mortgage and the unique lifestyle it brings. Look for narrowboats for sale in your area for inspiration. You will need to become adept at managing a log burning stove and boat engine, but otherwise, the narrowboat life is simple and peaceful.


If you’re looking for temporary accommodation for travelling, house-sitting is a fantastic alternative to hotels and hostels. People post their homes on specific websites and ask their guests to contribute to the security and upkeep of their homes while they aren’t there. This is a fantastic and affordable way to travel the world. It takes some planning and effort, but what journey doesn’t?


Growing your own food and making your own clothes is another brilliant way to save money and live an alternative lifestyle. If you have a patch of land to plant seeds and nurture your own vegetables, you can learn to sustain yourself and your family with your own produce. Skills such as woodwork, sewing and other handy techniques replace the need for spending money on outside help for small problems.


Being a minimalist is about reducing your focus on the material world and shifting your attention to being more intentional. This means that you only use what you need and don’t feel pressured to buy what you don’t. It’s a simple way to start saving money through lifestyle changes.