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Top design ideas to improve your bathroom 

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom when you are thinking about home improvement. It tends to be a room that gets the least attention when it’s time to start DIY. However, in this busy modern world, the bathroom can become a sanctuary of relaxation after a hard day’s work and is also the first place to visit in the morning as you prepare for the day ahead. By renovating your bathroom, you are improving a space that is vital to you and your family’s wellbeing. Here are a few top tips to improve the design and feel of this room.

First consider the walls and floors 

Wall panelling and click flooring are great starting points for improvements in the bathroom as they offer huge scope for transforming the look and feel of your bathroom. Wall panelling can really add character to the design of a bathroom. Remember that the bathroom is a space where you want to feel cosy and cocooned when you are taking a relaxing bath or shower. Ornate ribbed wall panelling can give this sensation by making the room feel as if it is enveloping you.

Click flooring is a great option, and not just in terms of the instant visual transformation that it can bring to the bathroom. If you have a degree of DIY knowledge (or even just the desire to do it yourself), the simplicity of their construction and the fact that they do not need to be glued together makes this choice of flooring perfect for DIY newbies.

Do you need a new bath/shower?

Depending on your budget for bathroom improvements, you will need to decide on whether to remove and replace the existing bath/shower or just to focus on the surrounding aspects of the new design. If your bathroom is a shower-only room, an upgraded power shower can be a more cost-effective solution than a new bath. If it offers a real improvement to the experience of your morning shower, then it should be a consideration. If you are happy with the functionality and design of these appliances, then it makes sense to focus more on the room surroundings. Remember that the overall feel and look of your bathroom will be improved by the design of the floor and wall panelling touches that catch the eye effectively.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A main feature of any bathroom is the mirror. Whether you are rushing for work and want to check your tie is straight or getting ready to go out for an evening meal, you want your mirror to look great and show you exactly how you look. If your bathroom mirror is showing real signs of age and has cracks in, then it’s time to upgrade and decide on a centrepiece for your bathroom. However, if the mirror is in reasonable condition with a few dark spots or is a family heirloom that you cherish, why not consider having it repaired and brought back to its former glory?

Hopefully, these ideas fuel your bathroom improvements, making it a place of invigoration and relaxation!