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Britain’s favourite countries to move to 

Moving abroad is a complicated process. You have to sell your home, apply for visas and use international shipping services to relocate your belongings. Even so, it’s an adventure that many Brits continue to embark on year after year – even in the face of many obstacles.

The number of Brits moving abroad has taken a hit over the course of the global pandemic. After all, oft-changing travel restrictions, worldwide uncertainty and life-threatening health risks aren’t conducive to peace of mind – especially during a life change so large as moving to another country.

Despite official calls to return to the UK, Brits stranded abroad found it difficult to get home amid the pandemic– a challenge that many British families living in Europe already faced after Brexit made it “impossible” to return to the UK.

Yet despite all this, figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest that almost a quarter of a million people emigrated from the UK in 2020. British nationals continue to seek out the novel lifestyles and opportunities that are available overseas.

Emigrating to another country is a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll hear this from anybody who has made the big move; but which countries are the favourite choices among Brits? 


This country shares many similarities with the UK thanks to their connected history. Yet it also has many differences. Most significantly, its roasting weather, sandy beaches and turquoise waves. It’s no wonder that this iconic island-continent is the premier choice for Brits looking to live abroad.


Many UK nationals take advantage of their home’s special relationship with America, by relocating across the Atlantic. Although technically a single country, a move to “the land of the free” offers a variety of destinations akin to that of a whole continent – thanks to its gigantic size and plethora of climates.


There are many perks of living in Spain. The sun shines throughout almost the entire year, which means lots of time spent outdoors and socialising with the ever-friendly people. This explains why it’s a favoured place to live, especially for retired expatriates.


French cuisine is some of the best in the world. From buttery croissants to vintage wines, you’ll be able to take your pick from top-rated restaurants and cafes while living in this iconic location. Adding to this the laid back work culture, and it’s no surprise that many Brits move to France each year.


Relocating doesn’t have to mean moving halfway across the world. In fact, many Brits take a short flight, ferry or even drive over to Ireland in order to make a change and enjoy life on the Emerald Isle.

Where would you most like to live abroad? Tell us your top pick and why in the comments below!