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Fostering: A rewarding career choice 

Becoming a Foster Carer is one of the most fulfilling roles an individual can consider as a career, however it is personally rewarding for anyone that decides to pursue this career path. There are many questions to be asked when potential Foster Carers consider fostering and they often face ambiguity from many fostering web sites in respect of how much Foster Carers get paid or what it takes to succeed as a Foster Carer. Whilst there is huge personal fulfilment and financial rewards when fostering, the children and young people are the ones who gain the most as they are able to have the experience of a loving, supportive home sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Why is being a foster carer rewarding? 

Every year we are seeing an increased need for Foster Carers, with the pandemic leaving children’s futures uncertain, so now is the right time to consider this career choice. It is not a straightforward career, it can at times be challenging, but fostering is a job which requires a lot of commitment, compassion and training, but if you choose the right fostering agency, they will fully support you.

Deciding to be a Foster Carer can be challenging, particularly at the start of your new career, you may not feel confident and a little overwhelmed at first, this is to be expected as it is a career like no other. But if you choose the right fostering agency, Foster Carers are fully supported with significant training, support and guidance which will help you change a child or young person’s life for the better. As a Foster Carer, you will be provided full support when looking after your children in placement, one of the fostering agencies, ‘Swiis Foster Care’ is well known for the extensive support it provides to its Foster Carers and will be there to guide you and provide each individual with significant professional training. The impact a Foster Carer can make on a child is huge, you would work with social workers, health and education support and behaviourists as part of the team. If you have compassion and commitment and want to make a difference to a child’s life, then becoming a Foster Carer can be an incredibly satisfying career and benefits all involved, including other family members. By being there for the children and young people in your care, will help them change their future and you can watch your hard work make a difference leaving Foster Carers feeling rewarded and fulfilled.

Foster Carers do not just offer children and young people a safe home to live, they play a much more extended role.Those entering the care system often come from families or backgrounds that lack stability in many areas, such as: school, life experiences and parental nurturing. This is a chance to give back and offer young people strength and support in many areas of their life including educational support, social skills and improve their overall life opportunities. Becoming a Foster Carer allows you to provide a much better, stable and healthy life that they may not otherwise experience.

Fostering allowance

With the financial security of a weekly fostering allowance, the Foster Carer is able to provide for the children they care for and for themselves also. With redundancies being a leading problem since COVID-19, becoming a Foster Carer is a fantastic opportunity to not only be provided with a financially secure career, but allowing individuals to put to use their committed and caring qualities in order to help give children coming into care, a much more balanced life. A fostering career through Swiis Foster Care offers a highly rewarding fostering allowance to recognise the exceptional value and skills that their Foster Carers bring to the children and young people they care for and they provide a wide range of training opportunities to support and enhance each individuals fostering career if they wish to progress. Swiis Foster Care also provide a holiday allowance and additional support to help you take the child or young person in your care on holiday.

Nonetheless, becoming a Foster Carer should not only be about income, but of the outcomes for the children and young people in your care. Foster Carers receive enormous personal achievement in making a positive difference to the children and people they look after and being part of the positive growth and accomplishments of the children in their care. 

If you feel as though you are ready to make a career move to fostering and would like to find out more information about being a Foster Carer, contact the Swiis Foster Care team via the website swiisfostercare.com or if you prefer to call, then contact the team by calling 0333 577 1234.