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Looking For New Family Fun? Here Are Some Ideas For 2022 

There’s nothing like a weekend adventure that your whole family can revel in. With work completed and school out for the weekend, you’ll have the time to get together as a family to try something completely new, building happy memories and new skills or hobbies in the process. If you’re searching about for new family activities this spring, this article will be a great place to start getting some inspiration. Below are just four options for family fun as we head towards the warmer months of 2022.


We’re not quite out of the clutches of winter, which means we’ll kick off with an indoor activity: visiting a climbing wall. You’ll be surprised when your kids’ calmer easily across these large indoor structures, despite their shorter limbs. Most children enjoy the thrill of climbing, and it’s something that a growing number of adults have taken to across the UK, too. Finding a local climbing wall is as easy as inputting a query into Google. A typical climbing session will last up to two hours, which means you can all go for a spot of lunch once your limbs are shaky from the effort of climbing. 


If you anticipate a groan from your kids if you mention the word “hiking”, it’ll be easy to rephrase it into something that sounds a whole lot more fun, like “going on an adventure in the woods”. In truth, you might not be interested in serious hiking yourself, and you may be more interested in building secret camps in your local forest with your kids. But if you’re interested in taking up something that’ll help your family admire your local natural spots, head over to UK Outdoors to learn the essentials of outdoor activities such as hiking. 


In the past, a visit to a museum was surely another groan-inducer. Not so today, with most of the UK’s museums having undergone significant refurbishment in order to cater towards the younger generations, which were often bored to death in such places in years past. With interactive displays, games, and children-friendly learning activities available at most major museums, a learning day out has never been more fun for your family. Plus, it’s a chance for you to indulge in your own interests while your kids run around from screen to screen and from game to game. 

Arts and Crafts

Even in the spring and summer months, you’ll be faced with a weekend when the weather’s utterly dreadful. On such weekends, you’ll want an activity up your sleeve that’ll have your whole family-focused and laughing together around the kitchen table. That’s where arts and crafts come in, giving you all a chance to get creative – and messy – with paints, papers, glues, and all manner of sparkly things. If your children are a little older, consider setting them a specific task – like making a pencil holder out of a used tin can. 

These four ideas will help you get the ball rolling on several weekend activities in the future, all of which are sure to delight every member of your family.