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5 Tips for Working From Home With a Toddler 

If you are working from home, you might be wondering about how to keep your toddler entertained and get the work done at the same time.

Indeed, handling your work and entertaining your toddler at the same time can be a nerve-wracking task. After all, your little one needs constant attention from you. Thankfully, it is possible to manage your household with your work commitments. You can achieve your work-life balance by planning a work schedule and some fun indoor activities.

So, to help you juggle both responsibilities, we’ve curated a list of top tips on how to take care of your toddler while you are working from home. So, let’s jump in:

1. Get Up Early

One of the best ways to get the work done is by getting up early in the morning. Take utmost advantage of your child’s nap and get the tasks completed. Working before your baby wakes up or goes to sleep is a brilliant idea, especially if your work demands such flexibility.

However, if you are not a morning person, getting up early can still be useful. Have a cup of coffee and use this time to respond to emails, organize yourself, and plan out the rest of your workday.

2. Split Shifts

If your partner is also working from home, communicate with each other and divide the workday and childcare duties. To manage the household and work together, it is wise to split shifts to have an equal share of work and kids.

Take turns with one of you playing with the toddler, while the other takes chances to get the office work done. By doing this, you can easily streamline the process and can devote enough time to your toddler.

3. Keep Your Toddler Engaged

Another best way to get the work done is by keeping your toddler engaged in some activity. However, you can keep your toddler busy in some puzzle games. You can visit an online children’s boutique store to get a wide range of toys and puzzles which will keep your child busy.

For example, you can buy a human body educational puzzle game which will allow your toddler to discover the human body. It will not only keep them engaged, but also enhance their problem-solving skills.

4. Talk To Your Colleagues

Just like you, your colleagues are also working from home and they can have a child too. You never know what piece of advice they can give to you to handle household and work simultaneously. So, talking about your situation and other issues with your colleagues is always worth it.

Also, letting them know your situation is a crucial step toward maintaining professional relationships.

5. Remove Distractions

While you are working, removing distractions can be your best bet. Here, removing distractions means putting away time-wasters like social media during those specific working hours, since you already have your baby to look after.

Summing Up

Working from home is a new concept and it’s common to feel overwhelmed initially. All you need to do is create a rough schedule and stick to it. Also, discussing it with your partner can go a long way in streamlining the process of managing household and work commitments simultaneously.