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3 ways you can improve your mental health 

The phrase mental health can cover a particularly wide array of issues. In recent years, due to covid-19, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people feeling anxious, worried, and scared not only for their own health but for others too. This really is not surprising. Nor is it surprising that many are finding it difficult to return to the ‘normal’ life that they had before the pandemic struck.

Children are not wanting to attend school and adults are not wanting to attend places of work – all are favouring working or studying from home, where it is far safer and interaction with others is far less.

Improve your exercise regime 

If you do not do any exercise, you may be surprised to know that doing a little bit of walking or other exercise can help your mental state – even if it is just for half an hour a day. In fact, even getting out in the fresh air and taking a 30-minute stroll can help lift the mood, and even more so if you take that walk with a friend or family member.

Any form of exercise releases the happy endorphins in the brain. This can not only help with your mental state but can also help you cope with stress, so exercise is not all about weight loss or getting physically fit.

Seek help from others

You may find, however, that you would really like to talk to someone and seek help and guidance from a person that is willing to listen, give you the encouragement that you require, and may even help you get yourself on the road to the positive and comfortable you.

Although there are many within the medical sector that can help you, you may feel that this is not the way forward for your particular circumstances. In this case, you may want to visit christianlifecoach.co.uk/ to seek the help and guidance of a Christian life coach, who will not only help you on your path to understanding yourself but will also be able to help you find your path spiritually too.

Improve your social life

It is no secret that the last couple of years have made many people feel lonely and cut off from the world around them. More mental issues have risen within society because of this. Some people now find it hard to leave the home and being amongst crowds seems very unfamiliar and scary even.

If this is the way that you feel, then gradually moving back towards a social life will help with your mental state. Indeed, you do not have to launch yourself into a busy pub or party but start small and take tiny steps. Meeting with one or two friends indoors is a start and you will soon find that you will be meeting with more people at any one time or going out with those couple of friends to more populated areas and still feeling fine and in control of the situation.