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How To Make Your Weight-Loss Journey Fun 

We know what you’re thinking: weight loss and fun in the same sentence; surely that’s a mistake? Thanks to the diet mentality, those on a weight-loss journey often view losing weight as anything but fun. Instead, it is considered punishing or something we must suffer as penance for our wrongdoings; however, suffering is not an obligatory part of weight loss.

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss can be enjoyable. Those looking to change behaviours must find ways to make the process fun; otherwise, it’ll be harder to commit to and maintain your new lifestyle choices. In this article, we outline several ways to make your weight loss journey fun so that you can ditch harmful short-term thinking and achieve long-term results. 

Ensure That Your Goal Isn’t Too Hard Or Too Easy 

Begin by outlining the goals of your weight loss journey and assessing whether the intensity is suitable for the results you wish to achieve. If the intensity is too complicated or vice versa, it’ll be harder for you to maintain the habit, soon slipping back into previous behaviours. Not to mention it isn’t fun. 

To avoid this, ask yourself if your goals are realistic and achievable. Do you find yourself meeting your set targets, or do they make you stressed and feel like it’s impossible to meet them? If this is the case, the intensity you’ve selected is probably too complicated and worth revising. Doing so will turn your goals from impossible to a fun challenge, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the journey more. 

Enjoy Healthy Alternatives To Snacks 

Another way that you can enjoy your weight loss journey is by finding alternatives for your favourite snacks. For example, if you have a favourite chocolate bar, you could look into healthier choices that have reduced fat but still taste good.

Or you could create a chart for yourself and reward yourself with a sticker each time you choose a healthy snack alternative such as a meal replacement shake. You can find these products online from experts such as Shake That Weight. For more insight or to look into meal replacement shakes, head to their website to peruse their selection of weight loss-aiding snacks and shakes. Contact them directly for any enquiries about their range and discover how their products could help you make your weight loss journey more enjoyable. 

Schedule Cheat Days 

Behavioural changes don’t just happen overnight; they take time, and completely cutting out the foods you love can be detrimental to your process. Abstaining from the typically ‘bad’ foods that you love so much can lead to problems down the line, such as binge eating or relapsing, making it harder for you to get back on track. 

Instead, avoid this by allowing yourself to schedule a cheat day, enabling you to eat off-plan. Individuals who do so are much more likely to maintain their new habits and keep the weight off in the long run, as cheat days give you something to look forward to and motivate you to enjoy your next off-plan day.