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Discover interior design trends for 2022

When it comes to your home, you know who you are and what atmosphere makes you happy. But sometimes, it’s fun to look beyond your comfort zone and see what the rest of the world is up to. Maybe a particular design trend has caught your eye—or you’re curious about how others are creating their dream homes and want to learn from their inspiration.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our round-up of the top interior design trends for 2022—read on for your trend cheat sheet!

70’s Retro Kickback

Vibrant and bold colours, patterns and prints are making a statement in 2022. You’ll notice a change from the off-whites, creams, beiges and greys of previous years to deep blues, greens, golds and reds – our go-to colour palette features rich hues that exude luxury.

To make your space feel even more luxurious, you can use popular materials like velvet, leather and silk with bold colours. And if you want to take it another step further, add retro shapes and silhouettes into the mix to create a real 70’s kickback atmosphere.

It may not be for everyone, but many people are already experimenting with this look in their homes by using vintage furniture, for instance (think retro armchairs or side tables), or perhaps opting for wallpaper featuring dramatic patterns or shapes that were popular back in the day.

Nature Inspired

The nature-inspired interior design trend is characterized by designs that bring the outside in. These designs use natural materials, such as stone and wood, and focus on using natural light to brighten the home. You can expect to see an eclectic mix of natural materials and a variety of textures that reflect nature’s imperfect beauty. Look for pieces with soft lines and organic shapes for this look. This trend often uses a neutral colour palette, but it can also incorporate other natural colours like beige, brown, green or blue.

Multifunctional Spaces

The rise in multifunctional design is also a result of the growing trend of customization. Because homeowners no longer have to settle for whatever they can find on the market, they are taking more control over their interior design. Therefore, they think through how each space is used and how it could be improved to better fit their needs. Multifunctional furniture is just one way to achieve a new level of functionality and improve your day-to-day living experience in your home.

A few examples include transforming closets into home offices or multi-purpose rooms for exercise equipment, art supplies or book storage; dividing a single room into two spaces like an office and a guestroom; or using convertible furniture such as beds with shelving underneath and tables with drop leaves that can easily be set up and put away when needed. These solutions allow you to maximize space usage by increasing the versatility of each room in your house without breaking the bank on expensive remodelling projects.

Mindful Zen

A key trend in interior design for 2022 is the use of mindful Zen spaces. This style is all about creating a cozy, lived-in and relaxed atmosphere. If you’ve ever been to a spa and thought, “I wish my house looked like this,” this might be the style for you.

Mindful Zen interior design is grounded in reality: it’s made up of neutral colours and natural materials combined with simple decorating ideas that make your home a sanctuary. Think plants, bookshelves filled with books, textured fabrics and soft lighting from candles or paper lanterns.

  • To achieve this look, try some of these tips:
  • Layer textures with different fabrics on cushions and rugs.
  • Feature both large potted plants as well as lots of small cacti.
  • Use linen tablecloths and cotton napkins at dinner parties instead of polyester.

High Tech Home

As we move into the future, it’s only natural that high tech home appliances will become a part of our everyday lives. We’re already seeing this trend emerge in popular culture and early adopters’ homes, with increasing accounts of people redesigning their living spaces to accommodate smart lights, thermostats, and even refrigerators that can take voice commands.

When it comes to bathrooms, the tricks have changed.

It’s all about bidets and bidet attachments. People have been talking about them for years, but now they’re all the rage in interior design magazines and on Pinterest. So jump on the bidet bandwagon, and make sure your bathroom is looking fresh—before your friends and family do!

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

From reclaimed wood and natural materials to renewable fibres and sustainable, recycled materials, designers are finding ways for you to have a beautiful home without negatively impacting the environment. While eco-friendly products may not always be cheaper than mass-produced ones (especially if they have the word “artisanal” in their description), they tend to be higher quality and designed with longevity in mind.

Leather Furniture

Leather pieces like a leather chair and/or a tufted leather sofa are great additions to any room, as they can be classic or trendy.

To start, leather is a versatile material that lets you create many different looks. It’s durable and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for upholstered items like sofas and chairs. Leather will last for years with proper care, which makes it the perfect investment piece for your home.

Which trend do you like the most?