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Simple Fashion Upgrades That Make You Look Expensive

A lot of people don’t realise that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a style that looks expensive. If you are looking for a way to make yourself look more expensive, here is how you can do it without putting a lot of money into it.

Go For Better Fabrics

Instead of stinging thousands of dollars on one piece of designer item, choose clothing pieces that are made out of more sustainable and natural, high-quality fabrics. When you assemble your outfits, no matter what your style is, having those basics made out of quality fabrics will immediately up your game. When you are rocking some quality slacks or jeans paired with a simple cashmere shirt, your whole look will look more expensive than just putting on a polyester t-shirt and some jeggings. On top of all that, choosing organic and ethically sourced fabrics will help you live a greener lifestyle

Stock Your Closet with One Great Blazer

There is nothing that makes your outfit look more expensive than a nice-looking blazer. A great simple blazer is something that every wardrobe needs to have. But instead of just getting whichever one, choose one that is quality. Choose a fit that is flattering on your body and accents it in all the right spots. A good-quality blazer will take your whole wardrobe to a new, more expensive level. 

Try on Neutral Colours and Monochrome Outfits

Another simple way to make your look expensive is choosing neural colours and making monochrome outfits. Choosing pieces that are neutral colours will give off a more graceful appearance than a neon pink item would. To top it off, you will want to create monochrome outfits because they will have a dominating appeal. The best thing about having a wardrobe that is filled with neutrals as the outfit combinations are truly endless. No matter if it’s a t-shirt, jeans and a nice pair of sneakers, or a maxi skirt with a blouse, when it is monochrome it will make you look more elegant, therefore more expensive.  

Avoid Cheap Jewellery

Just like avoiding cheap items of clothing, getting cheap jewellery will only make you look cheaper rather than expensive. There is possibly nothing that will make your whole look look less expensive than fake pearls and diamonds as well as rigs that will turn your skin green. Instead of buying cheap fake jewellery, you can find second-hand real deals. All you need to do is clean them up with a commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine to make them look and feel brand new. Another thing that will make your look more expensive, is not overdoing it. Stick to simple to avoid looking tacky. 

Buy Classy Footwear           

Not a lot of people think about how important your shoe choice is when you are making your look more expensive. There is nothing that will make your outfit look cheap like poor-quality shoes, flip flops or dirty shoes. No matter how expensive your outfit is, if you have tacky and dirty shoes on, it will make it look super cheap. Always opt for Chelsea boots, nice sneakers as well as sandals or heels. 

Mix Textures and Patterns

Something that you have to master if you want your looks to be more expensive is learning how to mix patterns and textures. Wearing outfits that are the same colour scheme but come with different textures will take your look to a whole different level. Even though it is very tricky to pair patterns and textures, when you get good at it your outfits are going to look like a million bucks. 

Get Your Clothing Tailored

Possibly one of the simplest and best ways you can look more luxurious is by getting your outfits tailored. Having clothes that perfectly fit your body will turn it into something that looks like it came from high street fashion, without it actually costing so much. 

Always Steam Your Clothes

There is nothing that will make your outfit look cheap, it is wrinkled even if it costs you millions. That is why you need to ensure that before you put on your outfit you iron it or steam it, especially if you are wearing something silk or a button-up shirt. 

As you can see, having a more expensive look isn’t impossible and it is something that just about anyone can do. All you need to do is do your research and look for clothes that have that expensive look to them such as linen, silks, organic cotton and similar. Another thing that you should do, especially if ordering online is to ensure that the item that you have selected has the best reviews, so it is worth purchasing. But at the end of the day, always choose to wear clothes that you feel most confident in.