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Everything You Need to Know If You’re Planning a Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is a big responsibility. Whether it’s your first or twentieth time organizing it, making sure everything goes well puts a lot of pressure on you. That’s why every time you are about to start planning a new event, you should have all the major points in one place and follow the guidelines that will help you throw a memorable event. From deciding on the budget to setting the objectives and building a marketing strategy, you’ll have your hands full.

Know your budget

First and foremost, you’ll need to know how much money is at your disposal before you can move on any further. Only after you’ve determined the budget, should you start deciding on the following elements, such as the venue and the guest list. You’ll need to calculate all the expenses, including booking the venue, paying the people from the organization committee, ordering food, prizes, gifts, and souvenirs, to name a few. Once you know how much each segment will cost, you can continue with the organization.

Set objectives

Every corporate event has to have set objectives. Think of it this way – what’s the purpose of your event? Who should attend and why? What are the main activities going to be? Do you want to plan a team picnic? Maybe you’d like to host a team meeting. Have you ever thought about hosting a conference? Focus on the people likely to attend the event and ask yourself what topics they’d enjoy discussing. Assemble a list of potential attendees to have a rough image of how big an event venue you’ll need. If you’re looking for a top event planner in Seattle.

Choose a proper location

Do you want the event to be indoors or outdoors? Depending on the season, you can have either an inside event or an outside happening. Sydney is one of the best cities to host a summer outdoor event as it offers warm weather conditions everyone will enjoy. Look for conference halls, ballrooms, or gardens that can accommodate all the invites from your event. However, always have a backup option if your initial choice is an outdoor event. The weather can often be unpredictable, and a storm can come in a blink of an eye. Don’t let the wind ruin your long-planned event but have a spare location in mind. Furthermore, whatever location you decide on, ensure that you risk assess it thoroughly, that it is possible to install security metal detectors at entrances and exits, and that it offers the necessary emergency exits should you need to evacuate attendees in a hurry. Having a proper security plan in place will help to keep all at the event safe so that it is an enjoyable and successful event for everyone. 

Order delectable food

While corporate events are focused on business discussions and activities, you will still need to offer the guests an enjoyable time by providing delicious foods and refreshing drinks. That’s especially true during summer events when the temperature in Sydney can skyrocket and make everyone crave cold beverages to cool down. Don’t let anyone stay hungry or thirsty, but look for a top-rated catering in Sydney that will deliver all the delectable food during the event. It doesn’t matter whether you decide on a conferencing or large-scale sit-down seminar, a renowned catering company will always have your corporate catered needs covered. Choose from a wide range of plates, and make sure everyone’s dietary requirements are met.

Build a marketing campaign

Spreading the word about the event is the next vital step in the organization process. Without a well-planned marketing campaign, you cannot expect your event to be successful. Creating online campaigns on social media or using sports and celebrity talent agencies is the most effective way to attract the target audience to your event. Posting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and creating ads using those posts is vital during your event planning. Content creation and email marketing will help you build excitement among the people who will attend the event and keep the information circulating.

Make final arrangements

If you’ve found the location, ordered food, and started on your marketing campaign, all that’s left are some final touches to make the event a true success. You can make the event all more exciting by having a theme. Afterwards, heck on the crew to see if everything has been arranged equipment-wise. From the projectors to tables, chairs, cameras, speakers, and microphones, everything needs to work well, for the event to be iconic. Corporate events sometimes include an award ceremony, so if yours does too, you’ll need to prepare the certificates, souvenirs, prizes and gifts early on. If you are planning on giving out gift cards then you may wish to consider gift card API as a way of rewarding your employees. Inform your staff and management about the activities you will include in your event. Offering your guests an array of activities will keep everyone interested and make them talk about the event, for weeks after.

Final thoughts

When you decide to host an event, you’ll want it to go smoothly and for the guests to have the best time as they network with each other. Every event will require a detailed planning process that you should know plenty about. So, for every future event, keep the tips we’ve listed in mind to offer everyone a good time and make them want to attend all of the events you might host in the future.