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DIY Home Improvement Projects to Undertake This Summer

With summer well and truly on the way in the UK, now is a better time than ever to ensure that your home is ready for the warmer and brighter days. After a winter that seemingly lasted forever, it can be hard to switch out of ‘hibernation mode’ – but if anything is going to help you get in that summer mood, it is a good old-fashioned spot of DIY. Here are four projects you can undertake by yourself to get your home summer ready.

Retouch Your Paint – Indoors and Out

As the days get brighter and longer, it may be time to start reflecting that light – in both the figurative and literal sense. Retouching your paintwork both indoors and out can be a real bellwether moment for your summer, giving you new inspiration for the season and a brighter, greatly refreshed home to enjoy.

For the inside, living spaces might benefit from bold, patterned feature walls with yellows, greens and blues – reflecting the technicolour glory of a well-tended garden flowerbed. Outside, your house’s paintwork may be in need of a little TLC following a winter of brisk weather. A top up of white or yellow can have your home’s exterior singing, making for a pleasing view from your garden and from the kerbside.

Garden Furniture

One of the great joys that comes with the warmer seasons is the ability to take your DIY outside – something you get to enjoy to the full in the building of some DIY furniture for entertaining family and friends alike. In bringing your toolbox for home DIY out into the garden, you can start on building simple timber-frame installations.

You could even use upcycling to your advantage, and create bespoke furniture on the cheap. It is incredibly easy and rewarding to build an outdoor sofa from pallets, while verandas are relatively easy to build from spare fence posts.

Declutter Your Home

Granted, spring cleaning might not sound like a particularly engaging DIY home improvement task – but the process of de-cluttering your home in preparation for the summer can enlighten you as to new household needs. For example, in sorting out your airing cupboard you might intuit a smarter way to store your spare towels, or a more useful way to gain access to your boiler. Spring-cleaning gives you the chance to rediscover your home’s storage needs, and create solutions for a better, neater home.

Bring The Light In

Though a paint job can work wonders for the light levels in your home, there are some more active ways in which you can encourage increased sunlight into living and sleeping spaces. Hanging mirrors in hallways and perpendicular to windows can help bounce light around the home, eliminating dark spots. 

Moving furniture around can help you maximise the amount of light let in by your windows. Swapping out your black-out curtains for thinner summer curtains can work wonders for light and heat management alike.