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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire Help for Your Startup

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is refusing to delegate core tasks to third parties. There are so many services out there that will take care of things like human resources, IT, payroll, and many others way better than you ever could, and still, so many businesses decide to handle almost everything in-house. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or can’t seem to make ends meet because of a bloated staff payroll then you may want to consider outsourcing a thing or two. Let’s take a look at some signs that it’s time for you to hire help for your startup.

You Have a High Employee Turnover Rate

If you’re constantly scrambling to find new talent because people are constantly in and out, then it might be a clear sign that you need to make some changes at the cultural level. And changes in workplace culture usually start with your HR department.

If you’re HR yourself or have someone in charge that doesn’t have that much experience because that’s all you could get, then you’re probably making some important mistakes that are affecting your ability to retain employees.

Maybe you’re not onboarding them correctly or attracting the wrong type of candidate. Maybe your job listings are unclear or misleading and are disappointing applicants. Or maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with management, your processes, or your benefits scheme.

Here, your best bet would be to work with an HR consultant – visit https://www.hrdept.co.uk/north-derbyshire/ for more information on what to expect. People like this will be able to look at your organisation and see if there are issues with your recruiting process. They will also be able to help with things like training, benefits, and compliance.

I would also recommend checking out this ultimate guide to employee onboarding!

You’re In Way Over Your Head

Another clear sign that you should consider looking for outside help is if you’re simply overwhelmed with the tasks you have to do. If you’re spending time working on things that don’t bring direct profit to your business such as IT, website maintenance, or accounting, then there’s a strong chance that you will be more efficient if you hand these tasks over to someone else.

You’ll then be able to concentrate your efforts on what you do best. Allowing experts to deal with certain functions will also reduce the chance that you make mistakes that could get you in regulatory, tax, or legal trouble. 

Things like payroll, for instance, should ideally be handled by pros. There is no real need to have someone on your books just to manage it as it’s not an eight-hour-a-day job. So, consider outsourcing everything from social media management to customer service to a third party such as a Tunisia call center if you need the extra help.

You Hate Menial Tasks

There may also be some things that you absolutely dread doing. Some people hate having to read emails in the morning, for instance. Having someone handle things like this might not make that big of a difference in your business, but it will affect your energy levels. Many entrepreneurs end up procrastinating on these types of tasks and have to complete them at the last minute. If that sounds like you, then you might want to look at hiring someone like a virtual assistant to deal with things you don’t want to do.

You’re Struggling to Scale Your Operation

If you’re trying to grow your business but you’re doing everything alone, you’ll eventually hit a wall. You may have been able to handle the workload if you only had one location, but things will change quickly if you’re trying to expand. 

At this point, you’ll have no choice but to start looking at things you could outsource. Everything gets more complicated as you grow bigger, whether it’s HR management, regulations, asset management and maintenance, and more, and most major organisations hire contractors to handle some of their most important functions. So don’t think that you can expand alone and don’t make the mistake of hiring too many people for things that could be done by someone else.

You’ve Turned Down Clients

If you recently had to turn down clients or refuse an order because it was too big, then this is another clear sign that you should consider outsourcing. If you’re a contractor and your plate is full, then you could subcontract some work instead of turning clients down. Or you could outsource some parts of the production process so you can fulfil bigger orders.

Outsourcing is something all startups should be looking into if they want to be competitive. There’s a strong chance that other people in your industry are outsourcing and gaining an advantage over you as a result, so don’t be stubborn and see which functions could be outsourced in your business today.